Things to Do in Australia That Don’t Involve Drinking or Partying

The Great Barrier Reef  

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s a remarkable sight to see and an experience that’s much more valuable and memorable than having a few drinks at the local pub or dancing with a stranger at a nightclub. It’s larger than the Great Wall of China. The reef consists of more than 3,000 reef systems and houses all types of marine life. You may enjoy the reef while snorkeling, boating, swimming, or scuba diving. You may view the reef from a helicopter, glass-bottomed boat, or semi-submersible. You may also enjoy the beach when you go to visit the coral reef. 

Great Barrier Reef

Sydney Opera House

Even if you don’t enjoy musicals and opera, the architecture of the opera house is amazing. You’ll even be able to learn about the history of the building while inside. For those who do enjoy music, the venue has over 40 performances per week ranging from opera to musicals to country performances to dance shows. They feature shows geared toward the whole family frequently. 

Great Ocean Road 

Whether you want to drive or bike, the Great Ocean Road is an ideal place to do it. The road is just what it says – a road where you look over and witness breathtaking views of the ocean. You can see the native wildlife up close. You can witness the waterfalls along this stretch of road as well. There are opportunities to surf, or you can hike through a rainforest. You can enjoy mountain biking also. If you want to enjoy the culture of the area, you may go to where the museums and galleries are. The Great Ocean Road is an area where you want to bring your camera because you’ll be sure to capture several photographs to remember your trip to Australia. 

Jenolan Caves 

Truly, the Jenolan Caves are a site you should see when you visit New South Wales. Whether you opt for a tour that includes more of the area or just go to the caves, you’ll learn a great deal about the area. You can witness the various formations that develop naturally in a cave. We recommend you take a guided tour of the region. There’s so much to see and so much to learn. 


Uluru is a location in Australia sacred to the Aboriginal people. It’s home to a quite a few natural formations. You’ll see natural springs and waterholes. You can go to rock caves and see ancient paintings. UNESCO declared this location a World Heritage Site. It’s home to a national park, so you’ll have plenty of activities to perform. 

Queen Victoria Market 

The Victoria Market, located on Queen St. in Melbourne, VIC, has a long history in the city. It opened in 1878 and remains a popular shopping center for tourists and residents alike. It ranks as the largest open market in the Southern Hemisphere, meaning it’s a shopping center you walk through to get to each shop. The Victorian architecture is quite a site to see. You’ll find everything from deli foods to clothing to apparel. The entire market spans over two blocks, so it’s a great way to spend an afternoon. 

Melbourne Coffee Shops 

If you want to enjoy the social scene but want to avoid bars at all costs, you can go to one of the several coffee shops in Melbourne. This city is known for its coffee. Basically, coffee in Australia is like wine in Italy. Visit the Seven Seeds in Carlton to enjoy a fresh cup of joe in a cozy setting. It has some of the best – if not the best – coffee in the city. You can dine there as well, but the menu isn’t very extensive. 

St. Kilda Pier

Who doesn’t like a well dress woman or man? You can see plenty of tiny ones at St. Kilda Pier. This area is home to hundreds of penguins. We advise individuals to visit the pier at sunset. Not only will you get a glimpse at more penguins at this time, but you’ll also get to witness a spectacular sunset from the pier. Of all of the wildlife in the area, this rates as one of the best to come to see. The rocks surrounding the area are also very interesting to see. 

Luna Park 

Luna Park is located in Melbourne. It’s an old amusement park. In fact, it’s been in operation for more than a century. While it’s not a large amusement park, it’s quaint and very interesting to visit. It has a classic hall of mirrors where you can view distorted versions of yourself. The old wooden roller coaster is a bit rickety, but it’s still safe and what tourists enjoy the most about this theme park. For a bit of thrill, you may want to ride the ghost train. 

Cricket Match in Melbourne

Cricket is a very popular sport in Australia. If you’re in Melbourne, you may want to go watch a game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Not only will it be a new experience for you, but it’s also the largest arena in the world for cricket. 

Darling Harbour 

Situated in Sydney, Darling Harbour is a quiet, peaceful place to take a walk. It’s open to the public all year long. You’ll see the boats and the water while getting some fresh air. During the months of May through October, they set off fireworks weekly. Feel free to bring a friend or make it a romantic night out. 

This is just a glimpse into the amazing world Australia has to offer, all without having to include alcohol in the mix.


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