5 Things we bet you didn’t know about Trip Planners!

For starters, did you know travel planners still exist? Back before internet came into being, when people wanted to plan a vacation, they took the help of trip planners, better known as travel agents. These lovely folks would do all of our vacation planning work, starting from booking our flights to resort stays to our itineraries and everything in between. Travel agents worked as the middlemen, but they offered a powerful economic value.

For starters, they got you the deals, which you in no way could get by your individual efforts. They had access to the resources you didn’t, and it proved to be a good thing for you. But with time, as the years progressed, man started to do everything on their own, including their own travel bookings! Travel planners became an ancient thing, but here we are all set to remind you how you can enter the world of the people, whose industry you thought died long time back. The pros may save you valuable time and money. So, when you hear somebody say, “Plan My Trip to Sydney” Australia Pacific Vacations are the ones you tell them to contact. They are in this industry for several years and will effortlessly plan your vacation in the best possible manner.

A new look into the travel planner’s world

Rewind back to the last three trips you took. We are sure that whether they were short, long, domestic or international, you did all of the research, planning and then hit the booking tab. But, let’s imagine you can skip all of that hard work and just arrive at the airport with packed bags. Well, before you roll your eyes, yes, it’s possible. You just need an Australia Trip Planner and Map to have you covered.

  • Better access: In simpler terms, their connections can get you better rooms. The online travel agents are given exclusive price discounts and better facilities by the hotels or resorts. Most of the rooms shown online to customers have hidden disappointments, but with travel planners, there are guaranteed amenities and upgrades.
  • Free of cost: You might already be shocked beyond words, but yes, most of the trip planners don’t charge a dime from you. They make money off the destinations, airlines, hotels that they provide customers for. They get a paid commission with the companies that you booked with. So, this also implies that they don’t get paid if you don’t book. So, as customers, practice reasonable etiquette, and never go to an agent, acquire the needed information and then book on your own.
  • Constant support: Your travel planner is a lot likely to be present with you on this tour than a travel search engine. You will always find them standing by, each step of the way. They are not the ones to disappear after you pay the deposit. And since they are so much more experienced with the different destinations, they can provide you whatever info or help you need.
  • Not all agents are the same – Look for Testimonials: Now, it’s very important that you realize that not all agents will be the same. There may be some agents who get so caught up in the interest of receiving commissions from the hotels that they seem to overlook the interests of the customers. They will put together an itinerary having places or hotels which they themselves don’t have a clear idea about. So, make sure to do your research, and take the help of travel agencies and planners who are well-known and authorized.
  • Your saviour: You might also don’t know that travel planners can come to your rescue when you end up in trouble in international, foreign language speaking destinations. Mishaps happen, but at least you will have a person whom you can call up, ask questions and expect solutions.

So, these were some things that not everybody has knowledge off, especially when you think you can do any task with the power of internet. Well, some things are best left to the experienced and the professional, and vacation planning has to be one of them.

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