Nappy Cake: The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

A baby shower is an occasion where all the family members, friends, and relatives come together to celebrate the joy of pregnancy. What gift should you give to the new parents? The perfect baby shower gift is always incomplete without the nappy cake in the celebration.

A nappy cake is the perfect baby gift as it is a little unique and contains all the practical newborn essential items. Do you actually know what a Nappy Cake is? It is a fabulous present consisting of various tiers of nappies presented in the shape of a nappy cake filled with beautiful gifts useful for newborn babies and parents.

Moreover, it is decorated beautifully and comes in many unique designs. Let’s see the various nappy cakes listed below that undoubtedly provide the wow factor, looking good enough to eat.

  1. Peter Rabbit Ultra-Luxe Nappy Cake

This nappy cake is based on the theme of the classic tale Peter Rabbit with a lot of fun and exciting gifts. It is an ideal baby shower gift for a newborn baby that includes:

  • Peter Rabbit Flopsy little rabbit hop
  • Tale of Peter Rabbit, board book
  • Organic Cotton Singlets (2 pack)
  • Baby Bibs (2 pack) with terry towelling back and velcro fastening
  • NatureBubz Rainbow Teether
  • Kids Muslin Wraps (3 pack) having the extra-large size 140 x 120 cm perfect for swaddling.
  • ES Kids Socks 3 pairs suitable for 0 – 12 months that keeps little toes warm
  • White Super Soft Washer
  • Huggies Newborn Nappies (28 pieces)

The gift is wrapped with cellophane, tag, and personalised message tied with beautiful satin ribbon. The price of the Nappy Cake is $169.00.

  1. My First Football Boy Premium Nappy Cake

Usually, football is a game that boys love. If you wish for the new couple to be blessed with a baby boy, you can gift them the ‘My first football boy premium nappy cake.’ It features:

  • Football with rattle
  • Newborn baby singlet
  • Baby bibs (2 pack)
  • Three pairs of ES kids socks
  • Emotion and Kids Muslin wraps (2 pack)
  • Emotion and Kids baby face washer
  • Nature buzz rainbow teether
  • 22 Huggies newborn nappies

This gift will let you leave a long-lasting impression of your gift on parents-to-be. The present is wrapped with a beautiful satin ribbon and costs $119.00.

  1. My First Flopsy Bunny Premium Nappy Cake

My First Flopsy Bunny little hop rabbitJust as the Peter Rabbit nappy cake, it is also based on the tale of a bunny rabbit. The difference is that it is specially designed for baby girls. It is the timeless, classic baby gifts idea among all that includes:

  • White super soft washer for bath
  • Huggies newborn nappies x22
  • Three sock pairs perfect for 0–12-month-old baby
  • Baby bibs (2 pack) along with terry towelling back and Velcro fastening
  • White super soft washer
  • Newborn baby singlets (2 pack)

This cute nappy cake comes in pink colour and is worth $125.00.

  1. Colourful Caterpillar Luxe Blue Nappy Cake

This cute baby shower gift is perfect and a favourite for many. It is a beautiful gift for the baby as well as new parents. The nappy cake includes:

  • Colourful blue caterpillar of 65cm. It is lovely and soft.
  • Newborn Huggies nappies 28 pieces
  • Muslin wraps are perfect for swaddling
  • Baby bibs (2 pack)
  • Newborn baby singlets (2 pack)
  • Three pairs of ES kid’s sock is perfect for 0-6-month babies.

It ensures secure packing and arrives better than shown in the picture. The price of this nappy cake is $135.00.

  1. Elka Elephant Premium Nappy Cake

Elka Elephant Premium Nappy Cake is cute, attractive, always smiling, and keeps the baby happy. It proves to be a great companion, fun, and cuddly for the kids. It contains many essentials beneficial for the baby that includes:

  • Emotions & Kids Muslin Wraps x 2
  • Organic cotton baby singlet
  • Emotion & Kids Bib
  • Emotion & Kids Socks 3 pairs
  • Elka Safari Elephant Plush Toy
  • Naturebubz Rainbow Teether
  • That’s Not My Elephant Book
  • White Face Washer

The nappy cake costs $125.00. It is a lovely gift for babies.

  1. My First Bunny Premium Unisex Nappy Cake

This nappy cake is a super unique, beautiful, and elegant gift that lasts a lifetime. My First Bunny Premium Unisex Nappy Cake contains:

  • Jellycat Bunny has beautiful fluffy soft ears and nose. It is perfect for snuggles.
  • Newborn Baby Singlet
  • Baby Bib with terry towelling back and velcro fastening
  • Kids Muslin Wraps comes with extra-large size 140 x 120 cm is perfect for swaddling.
  • Three pairs ES kids socks for 0 – 12 months baby to keep little toes warm
  • White Super Soft Washer for bathing
  • 22 Huggies Newborn Nappies

As this nappy cake is unisex, you can give it as a baby shower gift because it is perfect for boys and girls. The price of this nappy cake is $119 and comes with fantastic packing.

Thus, the above listed are the top-picked nappy cakes that make themselves unique baby gifts to impress the mum-to-be.

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