How To Contribute

How To Contribute To Adore Australia accepts guest posts / contributors articles from journalists and writers worldwide who are looking to publish Australian focused news articles relevant to our range of categories and subtopics.

Policy for the majority of guest posts accepted on this site:

All articles submitted must be high quality, well-structured articles which are relevant to an AUSTRALIAN general audience and of value to AUSTRALIAN readers.

We do not accept articles which are solely based around advertising, business services, marketing or promotional content.

All content must have a real benefit to our audience, with articles to be high-quality, easy to read and well-structured.


1: Australian News Related (Our Preferred Method)

Recent news stories with an Australian theme or related to an Australian newsworthy event are highly encouraged and welcomed.

If you are submitting a piece entirely of your opinion, you should place the text “OPINION: ” in the title.

If you are relying on other means for the information, your article must contain links to your primary source(s), you can add them to the article text or include them at the bottom of your article.

Topics do not need to be exclusive, just something our readers may find of interest. These articles should be truthful and entirely non-promotional.

You can add one link to a website of choice in these articles, we require this to be an Australian website or an otherwise well established global website. You can add this in the final line of your post.

2: Australian Topic Related

Most of our readers are looking for high quality, well written and informative Australian local travel, local food, local shopping and local leisure based information, along with people looking to learn more about Australia and what our country has to offer.

If you are not the sole source of the article, we required that you add a source link in your article referencing where you found the original information, this can be done within your posts content, or at the end of the article.

You can add one link to a website of your choice provided this link is to an Australian business or an Australian website. You can add this in the final line of your post.

3: International Articles Policy

International travel articles (tourist attractions, holiday information, etc) and news related international topics are accepted on condition they are extremely high-quality non-promotional articles, all articles in this section MUST be relevant to an Australian audience. Any links in these articles must be to either an Australian website or a very well established international website.

We are very strict in what we will allow in the International section. High-quality articles and Australian audience relevancy will determine what we will accept. We will definitely refuse the majority of submissions in this area if they are not to this high standard.

You can add one link to a website of your choice however only by website name, business name or plain url, this must be placed at the end of your article.

To proceed with submitting a guest post:

For more information on our categories, for help with registration/posting, or general enquiries, please contact us at the following address:

info [-at-] adoreaustralia [-dot-] com [-dot-] au

You can also use this email address above to notify us you have an article pending review.

All contributors must prepare their own posts, please follow the steps below:

1: Click Here and register an account, if you can not register let us know by email.

2: Once registered, you must edit your profile to use your actual name, use an email address we can contact you on and upload a genuine photo of yourself. Adding a link to your social media account(s) in the biography section is encouraged also.

3: If you have any troubles preparing an article after signing up please email us, otherwise begin to prepare your article as per normal.

3: Note that you should select to post in the “Contributors Articles” section only, and no tags are allowed to be included.

4: Once you have submitted your article, it will be given “Pending Approval” status, at this point you will receive an email from us outlining the steps to make a small payment so we can review and publish your article.

A small payment is required to review & publish your article.

Due to the large increase in the amount of posts submitted to our website on a weekly basis, along with not receiving enough donations to sustain this, we require a small payment once you submit your article for review.

We have kept the cost minimal at $7.50 AUD ($5 USD) per article, which can be paid to us via PayPal.

Once you submit your article for review, payment details will be immediately sent to your email address.

These charges will serve two purposes, firstly to cover our time taken to review and approve articles, and secondly to help improve our website so the site can become more popular in future.

Linking to third-party websites in your Guest Post.

Please note that all links within articles pointing to a third party website and posted in the “Contributors Articles” section will be given NOFOLLOW status after 12 months of being on the website. We simply cannot sustain allowing dofollow links on an ongoing basis to contributors, this method of handling the situation is our best compromise.

Future Post Removals

Please note that we plan to keep all posts online as long as possible, however, due to the technicalities of this, we need to reserve the right to remove any article submitted to us in the future without notice. The majority of articles will likely not meet criteria for removal and should remain online indefinitely, however, we can not provide any guarantee in regards to how permanent your articles will be on the website into the future.