Interstate Moves in Australia: Things to Consider

Moving interstate is a decision that more and more Australians decide to make. It sounds quite simple: get yourself and your possessions from point A to point B. Alas, regardless of whether you are doing this for better lifestyle or work opportunities, there are certain things to consider before diving in. Tasks quickly add up and induce an overwhelming feeling. Besides, Australia’s states are as diverse as they get. So, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Planning ahead of time is the best way to shield yourself against complications and costly mistakes.

Lay out the plan

Do not even think of carrying out a move without a game plan. Going across state borders will face you with a set of unique challenges and hurdles you cannot afford to overlook. Thus, work out a schedule and form a budget. Identify all the costs of moving– they depend on the distance to the pick-up and delivery location, the access to properties and the volume of the stuff you plan to transport. Transportation is always a hassle, which is to say you should first assess carefully what you need.

Go through everything and take this chance to declutter. Resist the temptation to overpack. Pass on, discard or donate everything you do not need anymore. Separate the wheat from the chaff and label everything. At his stage, figure out whether you need a secure storage location for the transitional period. As you can see, packing is always a time-consuming task.

Plenty of moving parts

To make it worse, Australia has some of the strictest quarantine laws in the world that apply to interstate moves. Therefore, you might want to leave plants, animal products and agricultural equipment behind. So, if you are running short on time and energy, hire professionals and get stuff off your plate. These days, it is rare to see people actually involved in this completely, from start to finish.

A trusted removalist can make your life much easier and complete tasks faster. To find them, do your research and ask for referrals. For instance, these Eastern Suburbs removalists offer full packing and unpacking services to commercial and residential clients. They respond to last-minute calls and insure the whole package. Playing it smart at this stage should enable you to cut down moving costs and avoid headaches down the road.

It should also be noted that Australia has great rail infrastructure connecting major cities. This is one of the most efficient relocation means people tend to employ. Namely, “high cube” shipping containers are widely used to transport everything from tiny décor pieces to major appliances and furniture. Basically, a whole small house or anything that fits a storage truck can also fit in a single shipping container.

A fresh start

Apart from your things, you also need to get yourself and your family to the new location. Hitting the road in the car may seem like the most straightforward course of action, but factor in mileage and road conditions first. Kids or pets might be an additional problem as they struggle to withstand long and tiresome journeys. Again, you can rely on specialised services to handle pet and vehicle relocation.

Finally, you should remember that moving interstate is a big change in your life. This is to say that it is best to tie up loose ends before embarking. Inform your bank, health care providers, Tax Office and other institutions of the change of address. Settle bills and redirect your mail with Australian Post. Research the area you are moving to. Anticipate whether and how your lifestyle and household budget will be impacted by this important life decision.

A smart move

An interstate move is no walk in the park. To steer away from the hurdles on the road to smooth, stress-free transition, familiarize yourself with the whole process. Break it down into manageable bits. Meticulously plan your packing, storage, delivery, and other key aspects of the move. Put a high value on your own time and enlist specialist services in case you do not want to organize everything yourself. Professionals make everything safer and quicker for you – a big move really does not have to be a big ordeal.

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