10 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes – Don’t do!

If you know how to take proper care of the carpet, you will find it easy to avoid the mistakes. Nothing can appeal to your eyes more than a clean and fresh-smelling carpet. It is more important to avoid the misconceptions about carpet cleaning to get the best result. If you want carpet cleaning Knoxfield to work effectively, you have to avoid the following ten mistakes.

1. Not removing the stains immediately 

Whether it is the stain of nail polish, pet urine, wine, or the rich gravy that you cooked for the party, you should always address the issue immediately. If you allow the stain to settle in the carpet, you will cause more harm to the material. The stains take very little time to go down deep into the inner layers of the carpet or at the bottom of the fibres. If you are not comfortable with the carpet cleaning work, you can appoint a professional carpet cleaning Bayswater for a better outcome.

2. Avoiding routine cleaning 

Dust and dirt tend to settle in the carpet too quickly, and using abrasive cleaning methods can destroy the fibres badly. If you want the carpet to stay clean and free from dust, you have to vacuum once a week. To make the cleaning work more useful, you can pour a solution of baking soda on the vacuum and allow them to stay clean and fresh. Not cleaning the carpet for an extended period can make the dirt to embed deeply and make the cleaning task difficult. For the cleaning task to make a profound impact, appointing professionals for carpet steam cleaning is the best option.

3. Not testing the cleaning products 

Do not rush to clean the carpet with any cleaning product as they may harm the fibres. Even if dabbing the stain on the carpet is not enough for proper cleaning, you should abstain from using any product. Typically, you should test the carpet cleaning product at first before cleaning it effectively. If you notice discolouration on the carpet due to the cleaning product, you can switch to the organic and natural methods.

4. Do not use excess water 

You can use water freely for cleaning the carpet, but beware of using excess water can damage the adhesive and promotes the growth of mould and mildew. Water can also promote discolouration on the carpet.

5. Excess scrubbing and addressing special stains 

Although it is hard to remove the stain from the carpet without scrubbing it properly, you cannot expect the fibres to last with excessive scrubbing, and damage the carpet eventually. Besides this, you should address special stains properly and use the right techniques for cleaning.

6. Lack of maintenance 

It is not enough to clean the carpet periodically, but you should also pay attention to maintenance. You will allow the dirt to settle without regular vacuuming of the carpet.

7. Avoid excessive cleaning 

Just as improper cleaning is bad for carpet, you should also ensure that you do not clean it excessively to damage the fibres and the colour.

8. Overlooking deep cleaning 

If you ignore the deep cleaning of the carpet when it is essential, you will deepen the damage.

9. Using defective cleaning device

Using a defective cleaning device is the worst you can do to damage the carpet properly. 

10. Using excessive deodorizing power and shampoo

Deodorizing powder and shampoo contain chemicals, so you must avoid using them excessively to clean the carpet.

Avoiding these ten mistakes ensures that your carpet stays in good condition for a long period.

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