Dos and Don’ts of Camping in Australia

There’s no country better for camping than Australia. Its natural beauty, vastness and amazing climate make it perfect for outdoor activities, exploration and enjoyment of fresh air. However, you can’t just jump into camping in Australia out of the blue! In order to have a legal, safe and cozy trip, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind before you embark on your Aussie camping trip. 

Do use free camping spots 

You can’t really park your vehicle or set up your tent wherever you want, but there are many areas all over the territory of Australia where you can have free (or low-cost) camping. Many towns have a free overnight parking area for campers, usually marked with ‘RV friendly’ signs. Some towns have a strict “no overnight camping allowed” policies, so don’t even try anything. These spots probably have great commercial camps close by where you can stay. 

Do book your spot in advance

Camping is very popular in Australia, so turning up to a campsite without a reservation can be a true gamble. Almost all most popular parks require a reservation in advance, either through an agent or online, and you can be sure you’ll get your spot. 

Do know your climate

If you’re native to the area, you probably know the climate very well, but if you’re not, learn a thing or two about your camping destination. Australia is a huge country with a diverse climate, but here’s a little guide to keep in mind: 

  • Southern States are most suitable for camping from October to April
  • Subtropical States are suitable for camping all year round, but inland can be a bit too warm
  • Tropical States are suitable for camping all year round. The wet season lasts from November to March, but during that time, the landscape is breathtaking
  • Central Australia is suitable for camping from April to October, so you can avoid the scorching heat. 

Don’t forget to stay warm

You might think you can never get chilly in Australia, but night temperatures can drop under 10 degrees Celsius, so make sure to stay cozy all day round by packing plenty of clothing and good camping gear. Even if you don’t come prepared, you can buy excellent sleeping bags in Australia, both single and double models, that will keep you comfy and warm. Find a model that fits your needs and your climate requirements and you’ll sleep like a baby. A nice waterproof shell jacket will also come in handy when the weather turns. 

Don’t leave any rubbish 

Australia is a very eco-conscious country, so make sure to think about eco-friendliness during your trip. Make sure to pack everything you’ll need for keeping your campsite clean and rubbish-free. It’s best to bring a few rubbish bags and bring them with you when you finish camping. Dumping trash in the park is 100% not acceptable, nor is leaving your trash next to a rubbish bin. This is very dangerous for Aussie wildlife. Scavenging animals can easily break the bag, scatter rubbish all over the area and even ingest something they shouldn’t and get sick. 

Don’t take any wood from nature

Cutting down trees or picking dead and fallen timber is not recommended. If your site allows campfires, make sure to bring your own firewood. Even dead trees are important for habitat and they can offer homes for birds, small animals and insects. Additionally, make sure to always keep an eye on your fire. If you’re not paying attention, even the smallest spark can cause devastating consequences. 

As long as you respect nature and local laws, you’ll get to explore Australia and have a wonderful time outdoors. Pack well, bring plenty of water and food and you’ll definitely want to go for a second round of camping all over Australia.

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