Outerwear You Need When Visiting Australia

A visit to the Land Down Under is a trip of a lifetime, but packing for it can have you yearning for your own hidden kangaroo pouch. There’s so much to do and see that you’ll want to pack your entire wardrobe—and then some, to be comfortable and fit in with local trends. When it comes to outerwear though, we’ve got you covered. From sweaters to shoes, and maybe a spare sarong or two, you won’t be left out to dry—or get wet, for that matter.

  1. Light Sweater

You might think, I’m headed on a beach vacation—I don’t need anything longer than a short-sleeve t-shirt! Wrong. The second you step foot on an air-conditioned bus, into a restaurant, or head out for an evening stroll, you will regret everything. Do yourself a favour and stick a lightweight hoodie or cardigan into your bag. Best case scenario? You never have to use it, but it’s there in case you do. You’d be wise to step it up a notch and bring a cute jacket; jackets for women in Australia range from leather jackets, denim jackets, and cute pea coats so you’ll have no trouble fitting in.


  1. Rain Jacket

While there’s definitely a lot of dry desert in Australia, it’s still an entire continent in itself, and the climate can fluctuate pretty significantly depending on where you are. If you plan on visiting the tropical areas of northern Australia or the southwest and southeast corners, pack a water-resistant rain jacket. It will be light and cool, but keep the rain off you—a lifesaver when you’re travelling.


  1. Hat

A proper hat when visiting Australia is an absolute must; many visitors won’t be used to the strong sun, and can easily and painfully burn without precautions. A baseball cap or visor won’t cut it. Get yourself a wide brimmed sun hat that covers your head and shades your entire face. Nothing ruins a vacation like a blistering sunburn!


  1. Good Shoes

While flip flops are a beach staple, they won’t do you any favours off the soft sand. If you plan on doing any walking at all or sightseeing, pack yourself a pair of good walking shoes that can bear the brunt of the hot pavement mile after mile. If you have room, try for a pair of water resistant shoes in case it rains or you walk through puddles; wet feet get pretty old after a while. If hiking is on the agenda, it should go without saying that high-top hiking boots are an absolute must. Australia’s terrain can be more rugged than anything you’re used to, and filled with exotic creepy crawlers on the hunt for an exposed ankle. Hikers beware!

  1. Sarong

This might seem like a strange addition to an outerwear packing list, but sarongs can truly do it all and most travellers swear by them on their packing lists. They can serve you in so many ways, like an emergency skirt in a nicer restaurant, a privacy screen to change behind, a pillow on a long bus ride, a towel, an extra layer on a cold plane, or a cover for a sketchy seat. They’re incredibly useful and you’ll never regret throwing one in your pack. Or, as some savvy travellers say, you’ll never go wrong with a sarong.

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