10 Aussie Fashion Styles and Trends for 2017

Australia is known for more than just their idyllic beaches and rugged outback: the Down Under has made itself into a fashion hub, with designers making waves worldwide with their unique and inspired collections. Get ahead of the pack this year with these 10 Aussie fashion trends that are coming up for 2017 and you’ll be set when the New Year hits!


1. Sportswear

Sportswear is coming back, right around the time we’re recovering from holiday binge eating and drinking (convenient, right?). Embrace the street chic with cropped hoodies, bomber jackets, fresh sneakers and cropped joggers for the most comfortable fashion trend yet.

2. Patchwork Dresses

Bring out your inner hippie chick with flowing, patchwork dresses for an unexpected 60’s throwback. This laid-back look is perfect for the transition from winter to spring, but if you’re not a fan of dresses you can work this trend into your wardrobe with long, supple suede patchwork jackets or jeans covered in mismatched wool patchwork.

3. Bright Pink Dresses

In one of these neon dresses, you’ll catch every cab in town: go pink or go home for 2017 with an outrageously bubble-gum pink dress. This look can be brutal on pale skin, so an Aussie tan is essential!

4. One Shoulder Tops

A follow up to the 2016 off-the-shoulder trend is the one shoulder trend, which is a lot easier to work with—and slightly warmer! This side-swooping look is surprisingly cute and is a lot easier to wear to work or evening functions than off-the-shoulder. Rock a plain long-sleeved tee with jeans, or up the ante with a flowing, one-shoulder dress.

5. Bright Stripes

Get rid of your aversion to stripes, because they’re back and oh-so wearable for 2017. You can make this trend work for your body shape in so many different ways: try a fun rainbow-print shirt, overcoat, midi-length skirt, or dress to indulge in stripes as much or as little as you want to. If you’re afraid of widening your body with horizontal stripes, then try an asymmetrical design to offset the impact of stripes.

6. Unexpected Layers

Be bold with unexpected layers, and no, we don’t mean an extra set of long johns under your clothes. Pair a long, silky gown with a white turtleneck, or a bandeau top over a jean shirt with a bomber jacket. Bring out your inner fashion designer and go wild!

7. Pleating

Pleating might make you think of kilts and bed skirts, but it’s actually right on trend for 2017. Subtle pleats in a dress can be incredibly flattering and eye-catching, especially if you mix in a dual-tone skirt or a metallic dress. A midi-length hem is still all the rage, and perfect with a full, pleated skirt and a cropped lace top.

8. Velvet

Velvet has never lost its sophisticated appeal, so it’s return to 2017 is not all that surprising. The look that’s making waves is all velvet everything, like a full suit or matching top and skirt. If you’re not quite up to that, you can never go wrong with a velvet crop top or mini-skirt!

9. Long Coats

This hobo-friendly look is heating up runways thanks to the drama and intrigue a full-length coat brings—think celebrity going incognito. This 80’s shabby chic look is so flattering and comfortable, and you can match it with jeans and sneakers, or a mini skirt and heels for an off-centre look.

10. Thigh-High Slits

Show off your sexy, tanned legs with dangerously high slits, on one side or both! Rock this trend with a floor-length evening dress to make heads turn and hearts beat a little faster, or keep it simple with a midi-length skirt paired with a knit sweater. Fabulous and comfortable!

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