The Australian Lingerie Store You Need to Know About

While there’s no shortage of places to buy underwear in the land of Oz, there’s a serious shortage of places to buy underwear that inspires the imagination, while leaving just enough to it. Or there was. Recently, Australian lingerie boutique Porte a Vie has gained international recognition for curating the best of brand neligele in one seductively seamless shopping experience.


Whether you’re looking to slip into silk, satin, lace, leather or combinations thereof, one of their dozens of designers is going to have what you want. Better than that, really, they’re going to have what you didn’t know you wanted: what you didn’t even know existed. That’s the beauty of truly visionary lingerie: it shows you your deepest desires — desires you may not have even known you had.


Kinky, huh?


You bet it is. It’s also enlightening, so let’s enlighten you further. Here’s what you can expect to find at Porte a Vie. It’s the best lingerie Australia has to offer.



The Best Designer Brands  — and Best Kept Secrets


Not only will you find popular designer brands like Harlow & Fox and Mimi Holliday, but you’ll also uncover titillating new designers (or new to you) like Cosabella nd Le Petit Trou. While all of these designers share the commonality of being featured on Porte a Vie, there is nothing generic about the designs. From straight up sexy as hell to playful and kinky, to romantic and whimsical, to lovely loungewear and everything in between, Porte a Vie showcases breathtaking (and heart-stopping) designs by incredible designers.



Creams, Lotions and Potions, Oh My!


Any sexy evening in needs a few extra accoutrements. We’re talking body oils and lotions and perfumes to help you channel your inner Goddess. Slipping into some sexy nelige will certainly help you look the part, but these hand-picked extras will help you smell and feel the part as well.


Play Time


For the adventurous (or curious), Porte a Vie also carries an impressive lineup of play toys and pleasure items. From vibrators to blindfolds to crops and sexy knee high stockings, these are the accessories that really seal the deal  — and blow your mind.


What is so remarkable about their collection of playthings is that they keep it carefully curated, so you are not overwhelmed with a confusing influx of choice. They know their business and they’ve chosen only the best products, making your shopping experience (and the results thereof) all pleasure, no pain.



One of the hallmarks of a great lingerie boutique is its ability to take the awkwardness and embarrassment out of shopping for intimate items, but Porte a Vie pulls it off. It’s a triumph, really: making the natural state seem (and feel) as wonderful and natural as it really is. If you’re in the market for lingerie and intimate accessories that are designed to celebrate sexuality without seeming cheap or tawdry, look no further. Porte a Vie is your place.


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