Aussie’s Confidently Style Bold Printed Clothing

Prints are undeniably in this season, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a population that’s rocking this trend better than the Aussies. Whether it be florals, geometrics, stripes, plaids or abstracts, Australians have taken on prints with bold abandon.


The results are totally transformative outfits that captivate and inspire. If you’re looking to borrow a page from the Aussie style book  — or add to it — then read on. Here’s how you can own bold prints, without letting them overpower you.


Pair Print with Solid


This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it still carries serious style power. We’re talking about pairing bold prints with solids. It’s a simple fashion tactic that allows you to achieve sartorial balance, while still allowing that print to make a statement.


What colour solid to choose?


That depends on your print. Neutral solids are always a safe bet, but they are not always the best bet if you want to create a truly memorable ensemble. If you want style impact, while still retaining a classic look, then choose a colour that features in your pattern  — and it doesn’t even have to feature as a main colour. Even if your printed dress has a hint of blue, for instance, you can layer a blue jacket over that dress to add that sense of subtle balance and poise.


Take on Texture


Another brilliant way Aussies style their bold prints is by using texture. This can add an edgy element to your look, helping to amp up your overall style. A bold animal print dress, for example, looks killer sleek and sexy with a leather jacket or skirt. An elaborate, blooming floral would likewise look incredible with leather, offering a more contemporary, clean contrast to the romantic print like the Bold-printed clothing from Cooper St.


Other textures to try: fur, lace, silk, suede and velvet. Again, aim for textures in a solid colour to balance out the boldness of the print.


Accessory Simple



Here’s one of the easiest ways to play up your pattern, without letting it work you over: accessorise simply and in complementary or matching colours. One thing you’ll notice about Australian style is that while it looks mindful and playful, it never looks overdone. This is in part because of their ability to use accessories to complete and complement their look.


When you have a bold print, for example, you want to keep your bling and baubles understated, thereby letting your pattern steal the show. Too many accessories on top of a busy, bold pattern is too many stars on the stage. The key to styling success is to pick one, key piece: the rest of your outfit plays a supporting role.


Easy, right? You bet it is! The Aussie confidence when it comes to making bold fashion statements with pattern comes from understanding the art of juxtaposition: of playing up the print, and playing down everything else.


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