Local Public Swimming Pool Access Throughout Australia

Australians love to swim. Whether it’s for fitness or recreation, you’ll find that nearly all Australians love the water and can swim fairly well. Australia has spectacular coastlines and an abundance of white sandy beaches where you can take a quick dip or spend the entire day relaxing in the sun.

Because of this love of water Australia also has an abundance of public swimming pools that can be accessed easily.

A quick search online will point you in the direction of the local council pool. Depending on the location and the facilities available you can pay anywhere from just a few dollars to $8 or $10 for a swimming session.

In warmer climates like Queensland you’ll find the local swimming pool is often closed for the winter. The manager of each swimming pool will take advantage of this down-time to drain the pool and do any required maintenance work.

Repainting of the pool, fixing of leaks and laying new turf or concreting are all done through the winter so swimmers are not disadvantaged.

In some other states like New South Wales and Victoria you’ll most likely have no problem finding a pool to use during winter. There are plenty of heated pools and you’ll find them still very popular during the winter months.

Australians can often be found getting in their laps before or after work at their local swimming pool. I’ve even known some to go to the pool in their lunch break and get their fitness in that way.

Exercise classes like aqua aerobics are becoming more and more popular and these are often run during the day for those who don’t work and in the evenings for those who do.

If you have kids you’ll find that almost every single swimming pool runs professional swimming lessons, many of them backed by Australia’s Olympic swimming success stories. Learning to swim is an essential skill for small children in Australia and there are regularly campaigns to encourage parents to make sure their kids can swim.

Swimming pools are becoming more modern in Australia and often include all kinds of activities to keep the family interested. Some have water slides or blow up play equipment that they give access to on weekends or school holidays.

More and more sites are opening gym access and including stores on site where you can purchase all your needs for the pool.

If you forget your sunscreen, your kid’s floaties, or your goggles you can most likely pick up new ones at the store right at the pool. Food is also freely available at most swimming pools and you’ll probably find that the busier pools have a much wider selection and that the food is better quality.

Whether you’re visiting Australia on holiday and want to cool down with your kids, or whether you’re a local and need somewhere to do some exercise that’s kind on your body, accessing a local pool in Australia is easy and you generally won’t have to travel far to find one.

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