The Devils Marbles: A Fascinating Place Steeped In Mystery

If you’ve seen photos of the Devils Marbles you probably wonder how something so interesting can end up so far out in the Australian outback. This is another of those outback places that many Australians never get the chance to visit unless they embark on a massive road trip through the Northern Territory.

The Devils Marbles are about 100km south of Tennant Creek and make a great place to break up your driving trip as you head there from Alice Springs. The town of Wauchope is just 9km south but not quite as exciting a place to stop.Don’t expect there to be restaurants and cafes in this remote area though. The Devils Marbles are in the middle of nowhere and you’ll be driving right through the middle of them. Once you’re there you’ll wonder how you could even miss these giant granite boulders!

The marbles are surprisingly large in size for a feature created through erosion.

They make for a fabulous photo opportunity. You can actually climb up on them and explore every nook and cranny of the area, although I believe there is signage saying not to do that! It pays to be careful though – remember medical help can be quite a distance away should you have a serious fall or slip.

You don’t really need to worry though as the area is quite safe if you are sensible. My family has climbed all over the marbles and our youngest was about 8 years old at the time.

There’s a signed walking track which directs you through the different areas to see. You can learn about the creation of the marbles from plaques set into the self-guided walkway.

There are no actual guided tours but generally between May and October you can catch a live presentation from park rangers.

If you know anything about exploring Australia at all, you’re probably aware that you should be alert to snakes whenever you are out and about. Though the risk of snakebite is quite low, a bite in this remote area would not be fun to deal with, especially since you may have limited phone reception.

The Devils Marbles have many spheres that have split in half and there are many areas that are interesting to peer into or find out what’s inside. Hence the snake warning.

We have amazing photographs of our visit here so make sure you take your camera if you’ll be exploring the Devils Marbles. It’s not the kind of place you visit over and over again due to the location, so you’ll want to make the most of your time here.

The Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve covers around 393km of land. There is much to see when visiting this area. The Marbles are all different sizes and are such an unexpected site that I’m sure your family will marvel at them just like my family did.

Should you wish to see how the Marbles seem to change colour at sunrise you’ll need to stay overnight. Remember to come fully stocked with water and food for your overnight stay. You’ll have a blast!

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