Types Of Engineered Wood Flooring: Which Can Be Your Best Choice?

Engineered wood flooring gives the appearance of the solid wood but is much easier to install compared to the hard wood and is increasingly becoming the popular choice amongst the home-owners. It will provide you the same natural look and feel as of a hard floor as it is made of layers of wood which provides stability. It is not prone to shrinking and warping based on the changes in weather so you do not have to worry about that.  

Here are a few types and benefits of engineered timber flooring which could be the ideal choice for your home.

1. Plywood  

This is the original engineered wood flooring. It is manufactured from cross laminated veneer and is then bonded under heat which will give a furnish look to your house.

2. Oak Engineered Wood

This is the stuff that you can find anywhere. This comes in three and a half inch width and half inch thickness so you rest assured that there will be no surprises in size and measurement variation.

3. Carbonised Bamboo

All the bamboo flooring is essentially engineered as bamboo is actually made of grass. There is no solid bamboo but this flooring will still look great on your floor. It is carbonised and comes very cheap so it would not be hard on your pocket.      

 4. Eased-Edge Maple

This gives your floor an elegant touch with a silky smooth and a rich finishing. This comes in both staple down version and glue down version. You can install this at a reasonable price and completely change the outlook of the dining, living or your personal room.

5. Laminated timber

This is composed of several layers of the dimensional timber which is glued together. This is joined to form a larger and stronger vertical columns and horizontal beams and therefore would be very easy for you to install.  

6. Parallel Strand

It consists of long veneer strands laid in parallel formation and combined to form a completed structure. It will prove to be an ideal choice for your post and beam construction and for headers and lintels for the construction of light frames.

7. Finger joint

It is made up of short pieces of wood which are combined to form longer lengths. You can usually find them in door-jambs, mouldings and studs. In addition to that you can also use it on floors.

8. Beams

They are I- shaped and are designed to be used on your roof construction and floor construction. They are designed to carry heavy loads over long distances for you by using fewer pieces than the hard wood.

9. Transparent wood

This is a new material so it will provide a unique outlook to your home, as it is only made at a laboratory scale for now. They combine the transparency and the stiffness through a chemical process.

All the types provide different qualities which would beautify your home and ease your life. You chose the ideal one for you.

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