Great Roadtrips Around New South Wales

Darling River Run


The Darling River Run route is an iconic Outback experience well known to the region of New South Wales. With over 1,000km, this drive follows through the Outback stalking the Darling River, from the town of Walgett to Wentworth. On this trip you’ll find secluded outback towns that were once fueled with thriving ports on the river.

The trip can be taken on as a whole, or in part. Most people enduring the trip will take on sections the Run en-route and while enjoying side trips to see the beautiful indigenous history and culture.

The Outback can very dangerous if not prepared appropriately. It’s important to service your car before departure, and make sure you have an emergency plan. Be sure to stock up on appropriate gear and essential items.

The Greater Blue Mountains Drive


This relatively new touring journey will take you through the beautiful landscapes and heritage of the Blue Mountains. The Greater Blue Mountain Drive is over 1,200km of roads connecting to all major destinations around the Blue Mountains, such as the Botanic Garden, Grose Valley, Mount Wilson and many others.

You can make your way from Sydney to Wentworth Falls, where you will have various options including Leura, Katoomba, and Blackheath. With over 18 trails breaking off the main road, this road trip is a choose your own adventure, with various sites to see, and great activities such as bushwalks and camping.

The Alpine Way


A little further outside of Sydney, out towards Kosciuszko, you can find The Alpine Way Drive. One way, you can will find 108km of roads travelling throughout the Kosciuszko National Park. Here you can find amazing views and winding roads up the tall mountain forests and through breathtaking valleys.

As you enter the National Park from Crackenback, you will head to the heart of the park, then head north to Khancoban. Included on this trip you can find camping, great bush walks, fishing, and even some solid mountain biking trails along the way. This road trip is best done during the summer because of poor road conditions and snow during the winter.

Grand Pacific Drive


Located closely outside of Sydney, this southerly route will begin nearly the Royal National Park and head towards Kiama. This popular road trip is one of New South Wales best drives, passing along popular destinations including Sea Cliff Bridge, Stanwell and Bald Hill Lookout, and various beautiful beaches along the way.

Starting at Royal National Park, you’ll find an area full of outdoor activity include bush walks, amazing beaches, picnic and camping areas, and more. From there you head south towards Wollongong which hosts great beaches, and an up and coming city with a vibrant atmosphere.

The Rainforest Way


Heading north of New South Wales, you can find the beautiful area of the Gold Coast nestled in between Queensland and New South Wales. The Rainforest Way road trip leads you through the lush World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforest, which includes views of volcanic craters, and the beautiful vegetation of the rain forest, which includes 200 rare and endangered species and ecosystems.

With 650km of 7 different day trip you can take, starting at Mallanganee, you can explore the various paths, that allow you to hike, fish, camp, and more.


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