Exercises that promises to bring best out of you

A gym is not all about carrying heavy weights and doing all sorts of unrealistic workout activities. Along with many other benefits like weight loss, muscle toning & strengthening, fitness is what rounds up as a complete package. A gym is a place where all advanced, interactive and intelligent machines and equipment are placed. If right exercises are chosen and done the right way, the assured results are guaranteed.

Here is a list of best exercises of a gym that if done properly assure great heights of success and fitness.

  • Treadmill: It is the exact form of walking and running that everyone indulges in their day to day life. However, the features treadmill brings differs with regular walking and running to a certain extent. This workout works best in toning up the legs muscles, joints movability and flexibility most importantly bring all cardiovascular benefits as well. Various features like mountain or slanting climbing, the adjustments in pace and speed takes the entire workout to a level up. Unlike regular walk and run, using treadmill will completely take away the chances of uneven levelling of the grounds; hence no extra pressure on feet is felt and thus no injury may happen.
  • Cycling: Unlike normal cycling, this is performed on a stationed cycles present in the gym. However, the benefits it brings is exactly same as that of a regular cycling activity. It is one great form of workout for cardiovascular fitness. Whole external body workout with the internal system. Talking about an internal system, lungs, heart and blood vessels benefits the most.
  • Cross trainer: It basically works on both arms and the lower part of the body at the same time. It works with a mechanism of using the arms strength to move legs in the opposite direction. The best part of this form of workout is that the weight one can bear in their legs can be raised as and when required. It is also known as elliptical because of the pattern it tends to create while exercising. Not only external goodness it brings but contributes to increased lungs capacity as well.
  • Leg press horizontal: This works best on the calves, abs, quads, glutes and hamstrings. This is done by horizontally lying down on the lower part of the equipment and heavy part at the top is to be pushed up and down by applying force using legs. This is ideal in context to achieving fitness as the leg muscles get build up, toned and strengthen.
  • Biceps and triceps with cables: As the name suggests it is supposed to work on both biceps and triceps, if pulled upwards triceps and if pulled downwards, triceps seem to get in shape. The most important role played in this entire workout is that of the cable and the weights. As performed either upwards or downwards the muscles begin to build up and grow strong. This will bring a lot of strength in the upper part of the body, especially in the arms.
  • Hanging in the air: This is basically performed by resting both the elbows on the stands on the other sides.  And then pushing oneself off the ground and taking legs up and down while hanging in the mid-air. This seems impossible and quite difficult at first, however with constant practice, one gets hold of the right posture in no time.  This way the confidence level witnesses a push and the health effect in terms of toned abs and forearms it leaves increase the fitness level. This is one workout which is great to boost up the confidence level and fitness level at the same time.

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