The coolest date spots in Melbourne

First dates can be challenging because we want to make sure that everything goes well. You may think that the venue is not particularly important, but you’d be wrong. First dates are peculiar and deserve thoughtful consideration when it comes to choosing the spot. Melbourne has an abundance of amazing bars and restaurants, so it can be difficult to decide. Here are some of the coolest dating spots in Melbourne to sweep anyone off their feet.


Located in the city centre, this open bar is a great idea for a date night. It’s not too loud to disrupt conversation, and yet it’s lively enough to fill the blanks those awkward silences might make. Start the evening in the Cookie’s bar space that has a great choice of beers, and continue with some wines presented in the binder. If things are hopping along nicely, you can move to Cookie’s cocktail space to heat up the atmosphere, or have a taste of some Thai food without having to leave the building.

City Wine Shop

For those who opt for a classy date night, the City Wine Shop has a lot to offer. Close to the Parliament station, this boutique Victorian winery has an intimate and inviting atmosphere, with dark timber floors and leather bench chairs. Since it is one of the finest boutique wine sellers in Melbourne, it can be quite hectic inside, but you can choose an outside table to have a quiet spot. If things don’t work out well, buy yourself a bottle of quality red and go home with a smile on your face.


On the list of amazing cocktail bars in Melbourne, 1806 has a special place. If you’re feeling confident about your first date, drop by this cocktail heaven located in the city centre. With many unique cocktails to offer, 1806 is a great place to kick-start the conversation. The menu is divided into decades and filled with interesting bits that even those not fond of history will consider fascinating. Indulge into an array of delicious liquids to make the most of the evening, no matter how it goes.


This Brunswick’s bar is a great spot for potential couples-to-be from the north side. With two massive bar spaces and an outdoor area filled with flowers, it has a perfect atmosphere for first dates.  Howler is one of Melbourne’s favourite late-night hangouts, with long drink menus, live music, and some of the best hawker style food. Whether you have dropped by for a post-work bite or decided to prolong your date into a proper dinner, you can choose from frothies, sticky pork ribs or traditional seafood burgers

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The Woods of Windsor

This stylish spot in Windsor is a perfect choice for date nights, especially in wintertime. It has dimmed lighting, plenty of intimate tables for two, and an extensive menu of late-night eating. Choose a quiet spot and get to know each other over charcuterie, venison sliders and some great cocktails. If you’re feeling particularly cheeky, order a whisky to start the evening with style.

Highlander Bar

The team of this cosy bar located on CBD laneway has come up with a brilliant solution to attract newly-dating folk. Every Tuesday night, you can grab two shots, two beers, two burgers and a delicious dessert, for just $50. Settle into a booth with your potential mate and enjoy in the offer and a pleasant conversation.

With so many dating spots at hand, it can be tricky to choose the right one. Find the places that suit you best and take your crush to an unforgettable romantic evening date.

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