Digital Marketing for Australian Businesses – A New Era : Part 1

Digital marketing revolves around the different types of marketing initiatives that are executed via electronic devices or the internet. The leverage that businesses are able to gain regardless of their physical geographical location through digital channels is enormous.

Digital channels basically include among others; search engines, social media, email, and third-party websites is simply too great to be ignored in the current day and age.

Prior to the advent of the internet businesses in Australia and as well as other countries depended on printed business listings, phone books (the Yellow Pages), print media advertisements and TV ads (which were and still are expensive) and billboards just to name a few.

All this has changed as Australian consumers nowadays just rely on electronic devices and the internet in order to seek out information and it is during this time that businesses have the opportunity to present themselves to potential customers.

Although there is a multitude of ‘digital marketing companies in Australia, not all Australian digital marketing solution providers can provide the right type of solutions.

Hence, it is extremely important to focus on finding the right digital marketing solution providers who are able to assist in a firm’s digital marketing efforts, especially within the spectrum of search engine optimisation.

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Defining Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in definition states that any digital medium that is used as a tactic to connect with customers is regarded as digital marketing.

This would mean that from the business website itself to any form of online branding assets such as email marketing, brochures, pop-up ads, on page SEO, off page SEO and the use of social media to enhance online presence are just a part of the entire spectrum of tactics that are categorised as “digital marketing.”

Making Digital Marketing Work for your Business

For instance, digital marketing solution providers could choose to support campaigns via both free and paid channels that are at their disposal and simultaneously create a string of blog posts that objectively generate leads (content marketing).

These blog posts, however, would require some form of promotion which could be achieved via social media (paid and organic posts on the firm’s social media page). Whilst all the above is on-going, Email marketing could be utilised in-line with all the other initiatives to follow-up leads and provide potential clients with more information about the business offerings.

Other important elements of digital marketing include business listings, setting up ‘Google My Business’, and creating links with 3rd party websites and blogs by mentioning their business offerings are all important steps that must be pursued to achieve Google ranking objectives.

Additionally, over the past several months, Google has added some great features to Google My Business that business owners would be able to leverage on or rather take advantage off as it naturally enhances the businesses Google My Business listing which is critical towards grabbing the attention of viewers. All these tactics naturally enhances the web-page rank in local search results.

It is due to this reason that business owners need to hire digital marketing solution providers that are competent with regards to how each digital element within the spectrum of digital marketing functions in totality.

Competent digital marketers should be able to support the client’s overarching goals and do not stray too far from their marketing strategy and objectives. Detailed explanations of the digital marketing elements mentioned above will be explained further in the second part of this article, linked below:

Digital Marketing for Australian Businesses – A New Era : Part 2

Roy Ellery

Roy Ellery

Roy Ellery is the founder and creator of Adore Australia, he lives in Melbourne, Australia. Roy is a professional website developer by trade, and runs the Adore Australia blog as a hobby.

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