7 Window Trends and Styles for 2017

True style is timeless, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change things up now and then. Around your home, one of the easiest ways to do this is to revamp your window dressing.

Here’s seven stylish – and ingenious – ways to embrace 2017’s window trends.

1) Let There Be Light!

Natural light, specifically. In an era where we are more consistently working indoors, window treatments that allow for a lot of natural light provide a welcome reprieve from the artificial glare of screens and fluorescents. Use sheer fabrics or blinds for the best results – and make sure to give some tender lighting care to all the rooms in your house.

2) Embrace Embellishments

You don’t have to go Greco-Roman gaudy here, but a simple embellishment can add stunning visual interest to your window. A little trim is a fabulous way to take on this trend without letting it take you over. Get creative when looking for inspiration and materials, and don’t be afraid to shop off the beaten path!

3) Go Organic

Natural, organic materials are a huge 2017 trend, be it for clothes, bedding or window dressing. This sustainable and eco-friendly movement is easy to adopt and adds a fresh, inspired look to your space. Bamboo blinds, linen drapes or shades woven with natural materials show you care about keeping the earth as beautiful as your home.

4) Metallic Medleys

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, then look to metallics. Bronze, silver and gold have come back in a big way, especially when layered with sheers. Of course, these serve as an accent piece to your room, so steer clear of placing them in rooms already that are already metallic heavy. Due to their visually dominating nature, you’ll also want to avoid using them in small spaces. Stick to bigger areas, like living rooms or master bedrooms.

5) Lesser-Known Neutrals

Beige and cream have had their time in the sun: in 2017, it’s all about slate and charcoal, which work in stunning harmony with those trendy metallics. For a sophisticated look, layer the metallics over sheer neutrals.

6) Perfect Patterns

Stray from the safety of solid colours and opt for imaginative patterns to spice up your windows. These patterns work beautifully in a more subdued space, adding an attention grabbing centerpiece.

7) Hello, Yellow!

Yellow is one of 2017’s most coveted colours. It’s been gracing the runways all year, and now, it can grace your windows. This invigorating colour offers a sunny solution for any drab room.

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