Carpet Dry Cleaning & Carpet Steam Cleaning – Which is the Best for you?

You might not know this but your carpet is more like an absorbent when it comes to dirt and dust. The fabric which is used for manufacturing these items is such, which will stick right to dirt, dust and smaller particles, which are otherwise hard to see through naked eyes. So, you need carpet cleaning from time to time, just to maintain healthy surrounding air. It is often advisable to clean the carpets at least once in every 3 to 4 months, and that’s enough to maintain the cleanliness of the product. Now, the main question is which carpet cleaning Springvale method you should choose. Some people aim for carpet steam cleaning and then you have others inclining towards dry cleaning. Learn about both the options first before making a choice.

Steam or dry cleaning – which one to choose:

People have this generic myth that steam is used for cleaning up carpets in the steam cleaning method. Even though commercial and home machines will use hot water to give off steam, but the steam is of no use here. Here, the machine sprays detergent on the carpet.

  • Later, hot water is used for activating that detergent. The machines use alkaline for cleaning up synthetic carpets and acidic cleaners for natural fibre of woollen carpets. After that, the wet vacuum is used for sucking up excess water on the floor.
  • People generally aim for steam cleaning as they feel like dry cleaning chemicals are harmful to their health. The truth is that the only way to clean the carpet without chemicals is just by vacuuming it. Remember that plain water can be a chemical compound.
  • Moreover, hot water extraction as used by the steam cleaner is enough to remove any cleaning solution. Only a little bit of residue might be there. Customers with some health concerns are asked to use cleaning solutions which are hypo-allergic or non-toxic.

So, whether you are using dry cleaning technique or steam one, remember that chemicals are used in both these instances.

Some pros and cons:

If you are still not sure regarding the right method to choose, there are some tips to help make the right choice.

  • While steam cleaning your carpet, you will just need hot water, detergent and rented machine. The downside is that you need to wait for 12 to 24 hours.
  • Carpet stains which have been around for some time will start to reappear within the initial few days. Using one commercial solution can eliminate this issue.
  • Dry cleaning offers the advantage of no drying time and thorough cleaning through proper use of applications and chemical solutions.

Professional steam cleaning – why opt for it:

You are always advised to call professionals to steam clean your dirty rugs or carpets for a good reason. They have been associated with carpet cleaning for a long time and know the right tricks to follow. These experts will mostly use powerful machines or attach one onto their vehicles. As these professional steam cleaners comprise of more power, it can easily spray detergent into the carpet and then suck excess water out. Carpets always take less time to dry only after using a professional steam cleaner. However, the rates are going to vary. It all depends on the size of the room and where you actually reside.

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