Sustainable Ways to Bring Your Outdated Bathroom into the Present Day

Having a bathroom that is both sophisticated and high-style, as well as sustainable is much easier than you may think. Many modern designs are created with sustainability as their main component. Follow these simple steps and enjoy the bathroom where contemporary style and comfort leaves only a light environmental footprint.

Reconsider the tub

Sad but true, the bathtub is a huge water waster. A full bath uses up to 250 litres of water while a five-minute shower takes from 35 to 95 litres, so try to replace the unsustainable tub for a water-saving shower. If your nightly pampering routine includes a leisurely candle-lit bath, try alternating the days that you sit and soak, or even leaving the bath for the weekends.  

Pick a low-flow showerhead

Low-flow fixtures use high pressure to deliver less water with more effect. Once you try low-flow, you’ll never want to return to your previous showering methods. These showerheads provide a pleasant showering experience with plenty of water pressure and enough water to remove the soap from your body and the shampoo from your hair, while still saving the excess water. Using these alone, an average family can save close to 11,000 litres of water per year. 

Try a steam shower

Stretching 8 litres of water over more than twenty minutes, a steam shower makes for a luxurious and relaxing experience that can be a great alternative for long hot baths. Steam showers use relatively little water because any water that enters the unit is converted into steam. The unit heats water to steam, so it uses much less electricity than a water heater that supplies a jetted shower. These showers don’t require a water heater upgrade as they easily retrofit to older showers. On the downside, for them to take effect, they need a fully enclosed shower unit and cannot be used with porous materials.

Unblock the drains

Natural materials and ingenious fixtures aside, a part of your bathroom sustainability and convenience lies in a less glamorous department, which is rarely given though before a problem appears. Many older homes in Australia were fitted with clay drain pipes, which, over the years, become encased in tree roos that not only reduce their effectiveness but may cause an environmental disaster if sewage is allowed to spill out. This North Shore plumber, for example, uses non-invasive methods for unblocking drains, which include CCTV cameras, root cutters, and high-pressure water jets.

Use natural materials

Natural materials in the bathroom are a popular choice because apart from being sustainable, they create a warm atmosphere that is at the same time noble and elegant. Among the eco-friendly choices, metal, porcelain, and glass can give you a sleek, modern-chic appearance, while natural stone accentuates the earthly nature of things. If you’re considering stones, try to leave them loose. It’s both a dynamic way to punch up the feel and create a textural effect. If you can’t replicate the spa-like loose stone flooring, at least throw loose stones in a chic glass bowl and score a part of the feel.

Introduce creative lighting

With e few creative fixtures and taking advantage of natural light, you’ll be able to create the best possible appearance in your bathroom. Use talk lighting to specifically illuminate areas like vanity tops and mirrors, and decorative lighting to highlight specific areas like a niched nook or a green corner. A backlit mirror and under-cabinet lighting can also add to your bathroom’s light without diminishing practicality and eco-friendliness.

These simple yet effective upgrades are a proof that even on a budget you can recreate a spa-like feeling in your bathroom, whether you’re building anew or renovating an old home.

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