Top Best 5 On-Demand Services Apps in the US


The world has been consumed by the internet and is getting used to the convenience that it brings along. Ordering and receiving deliveries from the comfort of one’s home has become a new trend. This has given rise to various on-demand services and multiple opportunities for businesses to leverage the benefits of the digital world.

The global on-demand services market is expected to grow by US$1,574.86 billion during 2020-2024. The growth of this market is going to accelerate year after year. The on-demand services apps can attribute their success to the present generation which is the largest consumer of on-demand services and to mobile app development companies that have made it all possible.

From small start-ups to large businesses, all businesses are gradually shifting online and making the best utilisation of the current market trends. Amongst the various on-demand services available, here are the top best 5 on-demand services apps in the US.

Best 5 On-Demand Services Apps

On-demand services apps available on Android and iOS have brought about a radical transformation in the way businesses are offering their services. With the target customers being those that crave speed and convenient access to services, these are the best on-demand services apps in the US, that are the biggest players of the industry.

  • Uber

Uber is one of the leading ridesharing apps in the US and has established its brand in various other countries. It is a trusted brand not only amongst its users but also amongst those who haven’t used Uber before. The app provides fast and reliable rides within a few minutes of being requested by a user.

Uber offers great features for the convenience of its users. Some of these features include multiple vehicle options such as UberX and Uber pool, multiple payment options, tracking the driver, etc. Uber’s success is owed to the four pillars it stands on which are Speed, Convenience, Originality, and Affordability.

  • Postmates

Most of the population in the US prefers online food delivery and Postmates was quick enough to grab the opportunity. Postmates is a leading online food delivery app in the US that delivers restaurant food, groceries, and other goods. Postmates delivers from over 500,000 restaurants and retailers and is present in more than 4,200 cities in the US. You can also built your own food delivery app, Enuke software is a company specialised in Food delivery app development.

A few brands such as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Alfred Coffee, and more are only found on Postmates. The app provides 24*7 delivery from almost anywhere. The app provides features such as multiple payment options, great offers, free delivery for orders above $12 with an unlimited subscription of $9.99/month.

  • Handy

How convenient it is if you can have a handyman at your house in just a few taps on your phone. The Handy app provides users the ability to avail services from handymen, movers, furniture makers, and cleaners. The app enables users to appoint a handyman and provide the equipment or cleaning apparatus to avail of their services.

The app provides services in over 20 cities across the US, the UK, and Canada. It also allows users to cancel or reschedule bookings, rate the handyman, and check the progress of bookings. The app is secure as it appoints professionals that are experienced, insured, and have completed a background check. Other key features of this app are 24*7 customer service, money-back guarantee, 7 days availability of appointments, etc.

  • Rover

On-demand services are not only limited to food, healthcare, or ridesharing but also provide distinct services such as dog boarding and walking.  Rover is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell pet sitting, dog walking, and dog boarding services. It is one of the best on-demand services apps in the US for people who have pets.

The app provides GPS tracking of dog’s walk, photo updates, message pet sitters, etc.  The app provides over 100,000 dog walkers and pet sitters in the US and Canada. Moreover, Rover even provides a guarantee and 24*7 support for every service. Some of the features the app offers is a map of the dog’s walk, food/water alerts, notes from the dog walker, receive photos, messages from dog walkers videos, etc.

  • Rinse

Who likes doing the laundry amidst a busy week or on a weekend when it’s time to relax and unwind? To ensure that your weekend goes as planned, the Rinse app provides dry cleaning, wash, and fold services to save their users from the time-consuming task. Rinse provides its services 7 days a week where the user can choose the date and time for pickup.

The Rinse app consists of three panels for use by the driver, customer, and laundry service. The driver picks and drops laundry from the customer to the laundry service and back to the customer.

The customers are provided an option to choose the kind of service they need, detergent to be used, and additional services such as Leather Care, simple repairs, etc. The Rinse app offers its services in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, and Boston.


The apps have come to be the top best 5 on-demand services apps due to the unique features, flexibility, and convenience they provide to customers. These apps have been the pioneers in their segments and have been able to capture consumer demands and provide them exactly what they are looking for. On-demand services apps have come to be an indispensable part of the lives of many.

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