Things to Know About Domestic Demolition

The perfect plot for your dream home has been developed but it features an existing dwelling which is beyond salvation and hence it has to be replaced or demolished. Then you need to follow some of the guidelines for domestic demolition.

1. Is planning permission required for domestic demolition?

You do not need to take any permission for domestic demolition. But the permitted development rights can be removed or restricted either whole or in part by the local authority.  According to some building norms, you cannot demolish any landscape areas and heritage property. Apart from that, you cannot extend your property without taking permission from the municipality. Thus, in this kind of situations planning permission for demolition is essential.  So, it is suggested to take the permission from the municipality before starting the domestic demolition project, and you must approve your new building plan from the authority in this regard.

2. Is planning permission needed for replacement dwelling?

There is no defined definition for abandonment in law, but it is best and safe to get permission for a replacement dwelling prior to initiating demolition. Planning policy usually allows replacement dwelling, even in the open country providing building has not been abandoned. However, the policy for replacement dwelling varies by country to country.

3. How much a domestic demolition cost?

The demolition cost will be mitigated if there are any materials with the salvage value. The contractor for domestic demolition will list the value of all the salvage items and offset this against the quote for demolition work and site clearance.

Although, the existing service connections such as electricity, main water and sewerage lines, and connection to the highway can be reused, and you can save your cost by sketching out the domestic demolition project. In this case, you can ask for the quotes from different demolition contractors and compare their prices to choose an affordable one.

Further, a large part of the cost of demolition is landfill and haulage: hence cost can be reduced if there is a scope of reusing or disposing of the non-toxic waste on sites like clean hard-core for drives, paths, soakaways, and terraces. So, these minor things can be explained by the demolition contractors and it is better to consult with them in this regard.

Domestic Demolition
Domestic Demolition

4. How much time does demolition take?

The time taken for domestic demolition depends on the scale as well as complexity but normally it takes about four to eight days. If the building to be demolished is a semi or terraced house, the adjoining buildings will require support following the demolition which will add to your cost.

Further, if any specialized work is required like the removal of asbestos, which is found in the form of roofing, cladding, and rainwater goods then this might take some more days. As there are strict rules on the removal and handling of asbestos and thus it is best recommended to get a report and quotation from a specialist and experienced contractor. So, it is better to ask for the detail quote from the contractor and they will mention their prices along with the estimated timeline in their contract.

  • How would you do your domestic demolition? Cut off and cap all the services like main water, sewer connection, gas, electricity, and telephone.
  • Erect the site fencing and protect the site and erect the scaffold if required.
  • If there is a removal of hazardous material i.e. asbestos, it should be removed under license or by specialists.
  • Soft strip all the loose items, kitchen, sanitary ware, and remove all cabling, plumbing, lighting, radiators, etc.
  • Further, remove all the doors, window frames, linings, internal and external timber moldings and much more.

So now you can search the best domestic demolition contractors online and choose the best for your home improvement projects.

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