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When they come into this world, they come in kicking and crying and for the first few years of their lives, babies have that uncanny ability to renew hopes by giving us meaning to carry on with our own lives. The first few years are also the most memorable years for parents with babies and among the most joyful activity involving the raising of a baby is clothing them.

Nevertheless, buying clothes for babies can be a taxing ordeal after a while as it is a continuous activity that will go on for quite some time based on the fact that what fits them this week may be too small within two to three weeks. Parents, being as protective as they should be become sticklers when it comes to buying baby clothing and are often left in a lurch when they conduct due diligence on baby clothes manufacturers. This article will provide you with a list of some of the top baby clothing manufacturers of Australia complete with a brief of these companies to assist young parents to narrow the choices of baby clothing manufacturers from Australia.

Starting with Hotsprings an Australian based Apparel Company that sources a diverse range of brands under their label for some of Australia’s biggest retail stores, and yes, they also have a range for your little one. This company is quite particular about the quality and comfort of the baby clothing range that they place their labels on and they pay attention to baby fashion. Most of their products are actually reasonably priced making their brand suitable for just about any income group.

Nest up we have NEXT, which is an Australian based apparel company much like Hotsprings, but on a higher fashion plateau when it comes to baby clothing. Most of their designs are trendy and cheeky. Pastel colours seemingly conquer most of their baby fashion lines, but the designs of their baby outfits stand out to an extent that your baby will make heads turn and get people into a mushy state of mind – incredibly cute outfits.

Just because this baby clothing manufacturer comes last, it does not mean that they are any less inferior to the above. Purebaby is a company that is dedicated to baby clothing and they have just about everything a baby would need under their label.

The unique thing about this company is the fact that they only offer organic clothing that are made as the company’s site states ‘with awareness and care’ and this statement cannot be further from the actual truth as this company does take a lot of care in producing clothes for babies without causing any harm to the environment. The company only uses ‘certified organic cotton’ in the manufacturing of all their baby products which allows baby skin to breathe naturally. This company has baby comfort cornered for good!

Other companies that also manufacture quality baby clothing include BONDS, Champions and BERLEI all of which offer baby clothing that are of exceptional quality.

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