5 Of The Most Memorable Places In Australia To Visit

Australia is a large country that holds many great places to visit. When traveling Australia though, you want to make sure your trip is truly a memorable experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you’re a budding traveller, here’s the top 5 must see most memorable places to visit in Australia. Let’s get started.

Best Places To Visit For A Most Memorable Experience

  1. Uluru (Ayers Rock)Uluru

Located in the middle of the Northern Territory, Uluru is one of the largest natural sandstone rock landforms in Australia. Uluru is located 450km from Alice Springs when driving by road. This large sandstone rock formation is 348m high, it rises 863m above sea level and is 9.4km round. Uluru is culturally significant to the local aboriginal people of the area. The area surrounding Uluru is home to waterholes, springs, ancient paintings, and rock caves. Tours of Uluru are available by local guides. It’s important to note that the aboriginal people take their sacred land very seriously and climbing on certain areas of Uluru are prohibited out of respect for their culture. Always stay with the tour groups and ask before you touch or take photos of certain areas.

  1. The Great Barrier Reef
great barrier reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a world heritage listed natural seascape that spans down the coast of QLD, Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is a remarkable natural formation with over 3000 reef systems, hundreds of tropical picturesque islands, many sun-soaked beaches and coral cays. One of the most sought after destinations for tourists, the Great Barrier Reef is renowned for its enjoyable experiences such as scuba diving, snorkelling, helicopter tours, aircraft tours, bare boats, semi-submersibles, glass bottom boat viewing, educational trips, whale watching, dolphin swims, and cruise ship tours. It’s one of the seven wonders of the natural world and to give it perspective, it’s the only living thing on Earth that can be seen from space. It is much larger than the Great Wall of China.

  1. Jenolan CavesJenolan

Jenolan Cave is located west of the Blue Mountains near Oberon and is a must-see destination for cave adventurists and those who love to see the mysteries under the earth. The Jenolan Caves is an award-winning tourist destination that is home to amazing limestone formations and is so large that it features 300 entrances across the 7,620 acre reserve. Stretching out 40km, tours of the cave are conducted by professional tour guides with multi-level passages that can be explored along the way. The cave network contains numerous calcite formations, Silurian marine fossils, and other beautiful underground landmarks. It’s definitely a must see place when travelling through NSW.

  1. Kakadu National ParkKakadu

Kakadu National Park is located in the Northern Territory and is situated 171km from Darwin. This protected land area spans an area of 19,804km2 and expands 200km to the north and south, and 100km from east to west. To put it in perspective, the site of this park is half the size of Switzerland, is the size of Slovenia, and is one third the size of Tasmania. The Kakadu National Park features a number of major landforms including estuaries, lowlands, floodplains, outliers, stone country, basins and southern hills. There’s four major river systems and over 12,000 different wildlife species that live in the park. Aborigines have occupied the Kakadu national park for over 40,000 years and because of this the area is well known for its richness of aboriginal culture. Today Kakadu is a breathtaking place to visit and one that is memorable. There’s tours available from the local guides to ensure the best experience when visiting this great area.

  1. Australia Zoo
Australia zoo

Probably well known as the Zoo of legendary Steve Irwin ‘The Crocodile Hunter’, the Australia Zoo delivers a memorable experience with its many well looked after animals. The Australia Zoo is located in QLD on the Sunshine Coast and is located on a 100 acre property. The Zoo is owned by the Irwin family and features a large combination of animals including but not limited to crocodiles, birds, tigers, giraffes, elephants and more native and international animals. Winner of many tourist awards, the Australia Zoo offers tourists with up close and personal animal encounters that help to raise awareness for conservation. It also gives tourist the ability to see animals you wouldn’t normally see unless you visit remote areas of different countries.


Australia is home to some amazing and wonderful place that are truly memorable. Whether you prefer to see animals or natural landscape there’s something for everyone when visiting Australia. So, are you ready to travel to the Land Down Under?

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