A Guide to Packing Swimsuits for Your Australia Trip

You’re heading to the land down under, and you’ve got visions of sand, surf and sun in your head. And you’re not wrong — Oz is famous for its beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches. It’s also famous for its surfside fashion, which makes packing the right swimsuits more than a matter of practicality, but also a matter of style. After all, in your dreams of frockling in the waves, were you adorned in a frumpy, baggy, unflattering swimsuit?

Didn’t think so.

So let’s make sure your swim gear can handle Australia’s natural and cultural climate. Read this guide to pack smart and stylish swimsuit options.

One for the Money

Whether you’re planning to spend your days at the beach or at the pool (or both), you need to make buying quality swimwear a priority. Anyone who has ever bought a bargain bathing suit can tell you about the sagging and bagging that occurs after just a few wears.

These subpar products can’t handle the rigours of salt and chlorine, which eat away at fabric, causing it to thin and lose shape. Over time, this will happen to any swimsuit, but poor quality suits will literally fall apart under the pressure much, much sooner. This is why, before anything else, you should make selecting a high-quality suit your priority. Since the vast majority of high-quality suits will also be made by reputable, high-end designers, incredible swim style will be as inevitable as getting sand in your shorts at the beach.

One for the Show


Designer Forum designer swimwear has breathtaking fashion swimsuits like this one.

Fashion swimwear is at its zenith. Never before has the fashion world produced such a stunning range of inspired bathing style. Featuring visionary cuts, inspired detailing and a range of figure-flattering designs, there has never been a better time to invest in a beautiful fashion bathing suit.

The main difference between fashion swimwear and what we think of as standard swimwear is that fashion swimwear is meant to serve as a stylistic statement, more than a functional piece. So, while you’d wear your fashion swimwear to do a few lazy laps before you get back to lounging poolside, sipping a cool drink and reading a book while donning a big hat and huge black shades, you would not wear it for a rousing game of beach volleyball.

Your fashion swimwear serves as part of your overall daytime style, as well. Because it often looks so much more detailed and is made from more diverse fabrics than good old spandex or lycra blends, it can be worn with a pair of shorts or a skirt to stroll the boardwalk, or lunch in a cafe. It’s swimwear that doesn’t always look like swimwear, so you’ll get a lot of love out of this piece.

One to Get Ready

Of course, you’re in Australia, so you’re going to want to get in on all the Aussie beach action. This means you also need a swimsuit that’s made for activity. This will offer more support than a fashion suit, since you will be moving around a lot more. Whether it’s running, jumping or playing in the water, you want you suit to stay put.

Aim for swimsuit that offers support and adequate coverage. You don’t want to feel like you’re on damage control the entire time you’re on the move. Of course, this doesn’t mean your suit can’t be sexy: just that you don’t want to be falling out of it.

These three considerations are all you need to pick a perfect suit for your trip to Oz. Buy with them in mind, and enjoy fun in the sun or shade!


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