What Are Some Tips When Getting Prescription Sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are much more convenient than the usual one. It is also a practical alternative outdoor wear for those who wear contact lenses. You can wear the prescription sunglasses anytime outdoors without dealing with your usual sunglasses or contact lenses. They are not cheap. These can cost a pretty penny and therefore when choosing these sunglasses one needs to be extremely careful. There are a number of issues that people have to encounter when they are choosing prescription sunglasses.

Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription Sunglasses
  • They need to figure out how much they are willing to spend on them. Once when a person walks into the shop they will be literally bombastic with various kinds, types and costs of the glasses. If you buy the prescription sunglasses with your regular eyeglasses, than the optical shop might offer you special discounts.
  • When the person is aware of the budget, the next important aspect to worry about is the style they want. There are various styles available and if one is short on time, it is better to shop later rather than rush in for the first pair that they see because the person may regret the decision later.
  • The third is finding out if the pair actually suits their face. Some glasses may look great on someone but it looks hideous on another due to the different skin type, face shape, age, sex and more.

Here are some tips when you want to get prescription sunglasses

  • You should get the sunglasses only after you have had an eye checkup done. It is advisable to get a checkup done once in two years as there are chances that the number may have either decreased or increased or there could be other changes such as a change of axis or cylinder.
  • The papillary distance needs to be measured so that the eyeglasses optical lenses are right in front of the pupils. This will give the clearest vision. Usually this distance is around 54 to 68mm.
  • The glasses should suit the needs of the person both professionally as well as personally. It should go with you personality that you maintain. If the person is in serious business, then it is better to opt for colors and shapes that are conservative. If however the person wants to give an enhanced look then ovals and almonds as well as rectangles are to be considered. If the person is more creative, then modern shapes with unusual colors will suit and for students color laminations and other interesting kinds can be experimented with.
  • The size of the glasses is important too. There are people that have small eye sizes while others range from medium, large and even extra-large. As these need to protect the person from the UV rays of the sun, larger sizes are preferred.
Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription Sunglasses
  • When you are buying for the first time it is advisable to get help from others. Even later on it makes better sense to ask an experienced optician to give his or her opinion as to whether the frame is suitable not only for your face, profession and style but also for the prescription and if it correctly fits your nose.
  • If there are complicated prescriptions, it is best to visit an optician rather than purchase these glasses online even though online stores may have better deals. They will however not be able to support completely when it comes to complicated prescription spectacles.
  • The refund and return policy should be evaluated too. This is necessary if the glasses are not right there should be option of returning the same
  • One should purchase more than a single pair as there usually are better deals when purchasing multiple pairs and also these are perhaps the most commonly lost items.
  • There are different kinds such as polarized ones which allow the clarity of vision not to be compromised for style
  • There are wrap around ones which not only protects the vision but also the peripheral vision.

These are some tips to be considered when purchasing prescription sunglasses.

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