What Aussie Celebrities Wear to the Gym

Whether the celebrity is from The Land Down Under or hails from the sunny West Coast, one thing’s for sure we take our athletic cues from the celebs we adore! Celebs are always on the cutting edge of fashion, making the rest of us mere mortals green with envy! How we wish we all had a stylist at our behest – like these Starlets have access too – to play cupid with our clothing.

I mean what a world we live in when these Starlets look fashionably fly even in their gym wear! Cue waterworks. They don’t say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery for no reason, here’s the workout wear that’ll make you look fabulous, even while you work up a sweat!

Starlet Inspired Workout Wear   

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No sweat, we got you covered for your next workout with these fashionable threads!

Gym Clothing 101

Before we get to the juicy deets, let’s chat about the kinds of fabric you’ll want resting on your skin while you kick up a sweat. Moisture-wicking is essential. There is nothing worse than a pool of sweat staining your cotton shirt – talk about not ready for your photo op! So yes, cotton, while you flex your muscles, is a no-no.

Acrylic, nylon or polypropylene fabrics are lightweight and breathable so are good candidates for your next sweat-athon.

Activity appropriate duds are the next most important thing to consider. Hit the gym, an indoor class or jog in gym tights for women and a breathable shirt or bra. This also means that your clothing is built for your workout giving you the freedom of flex for a comfortable and sweat-stain-free exercise!

Pretty Sweat Threads


A swish, a name or a logo is boss this season is a must. Wear your brand with pride, and you’ll be in the zone.

Functional Leggings

You don’t realize how much you miss pockets until you wear a pair of regular leggings – thankfully, there’s no need to compromise anymore. Buy the leggings with pockets to stash some cash and essentials, especially if you’re planning on hitting the streets for a run.    

High-Waisted Leggings

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High-waisted anything is mega in, so when you’re shopping for your next set of tights, be sure to grab at least one with a high waist!

Crop Top or Sexy Sports Bra

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You can’t own high-waisted functional leggings without owning at least a dozen crop tops or sexy sports bras – they go together like PB and Jelly! Make sure they’re supportive and breathable, and you’re off to the races.

Bike Shorts

Too hot out for leggings? Bring on the bike shorts! The staple ingredient to Athleisure so whether you’re hitting the gym or hitting the pavement on a sunny day, don’t forget your cycling shorts!

Hot for Fashion

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Up your style with 2019’s hot fashions! Our motto: if athletic companies are providing the latest trends, then we’re buying!

  • Matching ensemble: Buy the entire look from your fav brand – the leggings and shirt!
  • Leopard print: Make your outfit a roaring success with leopard leggings!
  • Coloured leggings: Make a splash with coloured leggings and a plain bra.
  • Mesh tights: Mesh tights are all the rage!
  • Shirty-Flirty options: Throw on a cover-up over your bra like a mesh batwing shirt, a branded cropped sweater, a blazer or leather jacket for the athleisure look or a low-sided tank top.

Look as Fabulous as an Aussie Starlet Your Next Workout

There’s no need for waterworks, whines or envy because you don’t have a stylist to perfect your athletic look – all you need is to tap into celebrity gym looks, and you’re ready to hit the stores to find the style you can’t live without! Ready, set…go time to work up a sweat in your Starlet-approved gym ensemble!

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