Key Elements of Contemporary Office Design

Take any retired hot-shot executive from the seventies, and they would fall over in disbelief upon witnessing what a 21st century office looks like. This is good, innovation is supposed to deconstruct old norms in order to take functionality and aesthetics to the next level where the modern workforce resides. But what does this mean for your company?

For one, it means that the days of bland cubicle-office designs are long gone, and that a truly contemporary office setting should emphasize employee health, satisfaction, interaction, as well as productivity through positive encouragement. With that in mind, here are the key elements of a truly modern office that’s purpose-built to propel your brand towards long-term success.

Adopting the semi-minimalist mindset

In the movies, you would often see a modern office portrayed as this busy, bustling, chaotic environment where everything is done on the go, and people are constantly making excellent snap decisions amidst all the clutter and confusion. As exciting as it may seem on film, this is not how the modern office environment should look like or operate.

Instead, a contemporary workplace should be a place of peace and positivity – a clutter-free setting that’s clean, tidy and meticulously organised for maximum productivity on a daily basis. To achieve this, you want to adopt a semi-minimalist mindset, and declutter the office space as much as possible. Stick to clean surfaces with only the essential gadgets and a few personal belongings gracing every workstation.

Introducing modern tech across the board

Technology is not the way of the future, it is future itself. Innovative software and hardware has redefined the modern workplace – in the way work is done and in the way employees spend their time in the office. So, your next order of business would be to ensure every workstation is equipped with the proper technology that corresponds with the needs of every position.

For instance, while a content writer or a marketing guru in your team needs the freedom to move from one space to the other with a sleek laptop in hand, your 3D engineer might need a powerful desktop computer and a myriad of accompanying gadgets to make their job easier and stress-free. So instead of tech uniformity, make sure you consider the needs of every job description.

Creating a productive and positive environment

The main goal of every 21st century business should be to build and preserve a strong employee collective that thrives on the same passions, guiding your brand on the road to long-term success in the industry. To that end, you want to surround your employees with unimpeded functionality and timeless aesthetic appeal.

This is exactly why contemporary office interior design underscores connectivity in the office space through meticulous decorating, choosing every element carefully to create a synergy between functionality and aesthetics – all in the name of productivity and happiness in the workplace. This leads us to the next crucial point.

Embracing the open-space concept

Open-space design is not a new concept, but it is becoming increasingly popular in the modern business world, as business leaders keep trying to promote networking and healthy communication between employees and sectors, in turn breaking down the walls that separate departments in order to drive innovation and productivity across the board. Needless to say, opening up the interior and knocking down a wall or two is an excellent way to achieve this.

If you do go for the open-space floorplan, be sure to consult your interior design team on the best ways to define different areas with colours, furniture, types of flooring, and other features. This will help you eliminate uniformity and bring the design in, so to speak, making your employees feel right at home.

Creating a multifunctional office space

Lastly, if you want your employees to feel right at home, then your office shouldn’t just be a place of business, it should also be a place of happiness, recreation and just plain old fun. Companies such as Google have mastered the concept of multifunctional office space, where employees have everything they need to build a productive and successful career in a stress-free environment. So be sure to incorporate various functional spaces in design, including silent rooms, rec rooms, a kitchen and more.

Contemporary office design is vastly different from what you may have seen in the business world of the 20th century, and for a very good reason. In the pursuit of long-term business success, business leaders have realised that true success can only be achieved with the collective might of a satisfied workforce. And the way to ensure employee satisfaction is to give them an office that exudes happiness.

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