How to Choose the Best Pool Design

As the weather gets warm and the summer season begins, everybody thinks to swim in the pool. Constructing your swimming pool is a great idea; however, you need to consider many things while choosing a design for your pool.

Building a pool in your house is a significant investment, whether you are thinking to create a new pool or renovate the one you already have. While creating a new pool, the most critical decision that one needs to take is choosing a good pool design.
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Choosing a design for your pool is not as simple as people think. One needs to consider many things need while creating or selecting a pool design. Here are some of the essential factors that you need to think while choosing a design for your pool.

Consider the Available space

Space is the first factor that you should consider before choosing a pool design. Check how much space you have available for your pool. If you have enough space for the construction of a pool, you should consider making one. The design you choose for your pool depends mainly on the shape and size of the available space. For example, you cannot create an Olympic size pool if you have a small space for the same.

Architectural layout
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Considering the architectural plan of your home before choosing a pool design is an essential factor. The pool design you choose should match the architectural design of your home. Even a contemporary pool design will look hideous if it does not match the architectural layout of your house.

Landscape setting

The landscape setting of the area is also essential, as the design of your pool should complement with it. You can create the landscape design of pool design one after another. However, if you consider building the pool design before the landscape setting, you will be free to create the plan for your pool. It depends on you what you create first; however, the pool and the landscape should jive well together.

Space around the pool

sapcious pool

Constructing a pool does not mean that you will utilize all the available space for construction. You need to spare some space around the pool so that swimmers can walk around it. Leaving some space also allows the swimmers to enter and exit the pool from anywhere. The area around the swimming pool is also required to place the furniture, diving boards, slides and other things.

Pool design with Pizzazz

The trend of using simple slides and diving boards is disappearing slowly. Now the tanning ledges, bubblers and fountains are replacing old patterns. For example, the sundeck allows you to sit in the water without getting submerged completely. You can also let your small children play in the pool without swimming. Such things require adequate space around the swimming pool for their installation.

Plan your Budget

Constructing a swimming pool is a significant investment. So, one needs to consider the total investment he or she can make for construction of the pool. The construction budget includes the expenses of constructing the pool, installing the other things around the pool as well and the creating the landscape around the pool.

Creating a budget plan before starting the construction saves a lot of time and offers you with fewer options of design. Moreover, large pools require a big budget which means you need to consider the plan of pools that suits your budget well.

Choose the shape and style

For choosing the right shape and style for your pool, you need to do some research and check out the available forms and designs. You can construct a pool in different shapes like rectangular, oval shape, L- shape, lazy L shape, kidney shape, figure 8 shape and free-form shapes. Do some research on pool shapes and choose the one which suits the available space and architectural layout of your house.

Types of material used

Usually, there are three types of materials used in the construction of pools – vinyl, fiberglass and concrete. Using the vinyl material for your pool is an inexpensive option and suitable for cold climates, and it is easy to winterize a vinyl pool.

Fiberglass is easy to install and durable than vinyl. It also appears more finished as compared to vinyl or concrete.  Concrete pools have a longer life than vinyl and fiberglass. Moreover, the best feature of concrete pools is that they can be made into any shape and size. They are also easy to fit into spaces of irregular shapes.

Final Words

The tips given in this post can help any individual to choose the best pool design for their home or business. Considering the available space, landscape, planning the budget carefully and selecting the right material are some essential steps to create the best design for a pool and enjoy the summer. North Shore Pools is family owned and operated with 40 yrs experience in the construction, renovation and design of quality custom built concrete swimming pools perth.

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