Know About The Importance Of Log Book Service

A log book of a vehicle is provided by the manufacturer. It is a guide that contains information on all the recommended servicing. The log book can help in offering a guide to your mechanic regarding things that need attention during that specific service interval. It can also be used as a service record. So, by completing the services and maintaining the log book you can get a good resale value of your car. You can take your automobile to an authorized service center and get the log book stamped. There are local garages that offer log book service too. Maintaining log book can help keep warranty and extend the life of the vehicle.

Why Take Up Log Book Servicing?


Log Book Services

Log Book Services

When the car is in the warranty period, you need to maintain the records of servicing in the log book. Getting a log book service can be beneficial for the car owners in a number of ways. You can save a lot of money by following the log book servicing from any trusted garage or authorized service center. Some of the reasons to why you should take up the log book servicing are:

  • One big reason to get log book service is to keep the warranty intact. When something happens to the automobile, you can claim for the repairs under the warranty. Servicing the vehicles as per log book can ensure the warranty of the new car has been maintained. You have to be careful to consider only right dealerships or competent mechanic for the servicing of the vehicle when new. Timely servicing as per log book and replacing parts with genuine parts are two things that have to be taken care of to maintain the warranty of the vehicle.
  • You can extend the life of the automobile by taking it for log book service. The reason is simply an automobile which is maintained regularly as per the manufacturer’s instructions will work smoothly for a long period of time. You don’t have to worry about serious failures or breakdown. So you get to enjoy the smooth running of your car for a longer period of time.
  • A smooth functioning vehicle will not breakdown suddenly without any accident. So it will work well for long without the need for expensive repairs. You can thus save money over extensive and expensive repair for a good condition car. If for any reason you require some big repairs, it can be covered under the warranty maintained due to log book servicing.
  • Log book allows the mechanic to perform the servicing as per manufacturer’s instructions. So time can be saved by finding every detail manually now as all information can be found in these books.
  • A well-maintained car will fetch you good resale value. A complete log book is an important document for resale as it improves the condition of the automobile.
  • With log book service Melbourne, you get the benefit of recorded details of all the work done on the automobile. So, this history can help the other mechanic to address the problems properly. If you have to take your vehicle to a new garage and you have the log book, then the problem can be solved as per the instructions are given by the manufacturer.
  • Log book is a vital document for vehicles of some companies that do deliveries. All taxation offices ask for detailed information including fuel, miles covered, weight etc. An incomplete log book can cost you fine or high tax fees.

As we all know prevention is better than cure, taking a log book service is better than paying big sums in fines, repairs etc. Oil change, fuel, and other fluid checks etc. are done as part of the log book service. This can not only save your money and time but also can keep everybody safe on the road.

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