Diverse Beneficial Aspects of Warehouse Racking Inspection

Warehouse racking system is fundamentally a material handling and storage system that is generated to store various commercial products in the racks by means of pallets. What is the warehouse racking all about? It is about stacking, storing and conveyancing major commercial and industrial products. The inspection body must be registered by a government bureau consisting of government professionals and experts from industrial fields.

•    Load beams

•    Upright frames

•    Diagonal Braces

•    Horizontal braces

•    Pallet supporting facilities

•    Wire decking

•    Foot plates

•    Shims

•    Row spaces

•    Column protection devices and

•    Guardrails and many more

Pallet rack, heavy duty shelving rack, long span shelving, cantilever type, drive-in rack, Mezzanine rack, boltless designed rack, riveted design rack, angular shelving, and stack rack. In case of any reportable accident that happens in case of the labour while work is being carried out, the type of shelving, racking, storage and the angular dimension of the racks-all must be checked thoroughly.

Warehouse Racking Inspection
Warehouse Racking Inspection

Inspection of warehouse rack

Regular warehouse racking inspection should be considered compulsory in view of the safety aspect.  There are reputed inspection agencies that will carry out an extensive inspection of your warehouse and will report you about the cases of damage or replacement requirement if any.

To make your business profitable, you must be confirmed the following aspects by carrying out inspection:

•    The racking system of your warehouse is safe

•    Your racking system meets all the recent codes and regulation related to warehouse

•    Your warehouse racks are completely intact and are free from damages

•    You are not covering up the damaged frames by means of column protectors

•    The inspection will ensure that your maintenance personnel are not welding a steel plate over the damaged column section, which is a risky issue

Benefits of independent inspection

Most of the warehouses pose an unpredictable situation. An independent and professional inspector is conversant about the hazardous issues related to the health condition of your warehouse racks. The inspector will carry out intensive health study of your warehouse.

Warehouse Racking Inspection
Warehouse Racking Inspection

Life of employees ensured by warehouse racking:

It should be noted that the life of your employee is the lifeline of your warehouse and both are equally important for your business. Therefore, you should not allow your employees getting hurt or killed due to your ignorance about your damaged rack and ultimate fate of collapse of the rack associated with multi-dimensional loss. You should not make yourself a victim by exposing yourself; your company or vendors at risk yourself by legal action for not performing your responsibility not providing a safe work environment in your rack warehouse.

Ignoring regular warehouse rack inspection at least every 12 months and without proper repair and replacement, you will risk the life of your employees, putting yourself as well as your vendors and employees in danger.

The scope of work of Pallet racking safety inspection services includes the following:

•    Regular visual inspection of the warehouse rack and reporting anything that is harmful

•    A thorough inspection of all rack frames for identification of low column damages as most of the damages starts first 24 inches from bottom line due to forklift impact be checked

•    Analysis of the braces on both horizontal and diagonal position of the frames to ensure that is not broken or ruptured

•    For all beams, safety functioning should be carried out and many other issues. Summing-up all the above, it can be concluded that by carrying out inspection appointing a reputed warehouse racking inspection agency will be beneficial for your business as it takes care of all the weakness of the warehouse rack and suggests necessary actions both technical as well as legal that should be taken by you. Generally, all warehouse racking should be inspected by certified professionals after every 12 months.

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