The DIY Trend and the Healthy Days of Fresh Food

A flock of sheep grazing on the open green meadows during Autumn in Australia

This is a story about a rising trend. The Australian meals on the past decades were predictable and boring. But something that these common meals definitely had was some preservative-free attributes and fresh enjoyment, something that we don’t see to regular daily basis.
We didn’t hear about gluten intolerance, or at least it was something that almost no one suffered. Everything that grew naturally, as vegetables, was taken home later that day to prepare a delicious healthy food.

It’s easy to remember how there weren’t any supermarkets and all those fundamental products were delivered to home, recently baked, prepared or sliced, for consumers to enjoy them. That freshness would add some new sensations both in the mouth and the whole body.

Mostly everyone felt healthy and fresh as the same food we ate. But all this was changed with the introduction of preservatives.
In a regular case, the foods would last 1 or 2 days but now with all these chemical products, they are able to conserve during months. Actually, that sounds like something great and a huge advancement for the society, but replacing a lasting longer effect for nutrients is something significant.

After this move, many supermarkets appear. Then came more and more problems: processed food was the main business goal and everything was going to be “pre-prepared”. Sadly, it’s impossible to go back, but at least we can reduce the usage of these products at home.

The DIY Trend to Watch

The DIY trend in healthy eating consists of producing yourself what you use or consume, being the one who is in charge of the materials, ingredients and whole process. Matt Christison is someone who got involved in the rising trend and he enjoys it pretty much.
He is a mobile butcher. He and his partner, Hergernhan, developed a new way of meat delivering system. Their mission is to deliver fresh meat to the NSW citizens, located in South Coast Australia. Mr. Christison has been doing this for his own for 13 years and he revealed how much he likes doing it.

For him, this was an opportunity given by life itself. “I started doing it for a little money for beers on the weekends and it escalated from there. Just had enough of being inside of a butcher shop and I wanted to change my lifestyle a little bit. So being outdoors and doing outdoor jobs and with this, I get a bit of both: going outdoors, talking to people and going to people’s paddocks”, he says.

Often is bombed with questions as what is the source of the meat and if he really enjoys the job and with all confidence. He answers back that the meat comes from literally their backyards. With great charisma, he goes outside and visits people in the farms, something that he appreciates a lot.

What Mr. Christison does has a second goal: he hopes that this motivates you to consider participating in this rising trend of self-sufficient food consumption. More and more people are trying to eat healthier and fresher than ever. Why don’t you?


Miguel Alejandro Morales

Miguel Alejandro Morales

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