How to Make Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party Flawless!

Planning your baby’s 1st baby party can be emotional. However, it also comes with a lot of pressure. Even though the kid is not likely to remember anything about his/her 1st birthday but still parents love to commemorate. Here are some tips to keep in mind, so you do not fail to impress your little one.

  • Keep the Time in Mind- While planning your baby’s first birthday party keep in mind their nap times in order to avoid any uncomfortable situation. Try to schedule the party soon after your baby wakes from her morning or afternoon nap and keep the party short an hour or two is sufficient.

  • Lower Your Expectations- Don’t expect too much from your baby you have to understand that no baby is perfect. It is necessary to give your baby quiet time and space they need. Don’t force them to be social it may overwhelm your little one.

  • Ask For Help- There is nothing wrong with taking help. Feel free to take help from your partner, parents, in-laws, relatives, friends or babysitter. This will make you feel free, and you will be able to attend the guest without any stress.

  • Keep It Simple- There is no need of spending lot of money on theme parties filled with extravagant decorations. Try to keep it simple with less decorations as it will keep your stress low. The main aim of your party should be to have fun with your family and friends.

  • Keep the Guest List Short- The more guest you will invite the more you will get confused and irritated. Keep in mind, you are celebrating your baby’s 1st birthday do not make it uncomfortable for your baby to be surrounded by a large crowd.

  • Special Birthday Cake- You buy a cake or make your own as per your requirement and budget. Plan accordingly, as Kids tend to prefer simple tastes, so stick with basic vanilla or chocolate and be sure your guests do not have chocolate or nut allergies.

  • Keep the Food Simple- If you are inviting lots of little ones, they will love to munch on applesauce pouches, goldfish, yoghurt tubes, crackers, pieces of fruit, cheese cubes and chicken nuggets. In drinks, you can offer healthy fruit juice and water. For adults, you can offer them simple snack food such as mini sandwiches, chip and dips, vegetable platter and much more.

  • Perfect Picture Time- We all want to capture those precious moments like baby’s 1st birthday outfit, baby blowing out the candles, baby’s first bite of cake, parents and grandparents holding the baby, baby playing with new toys etc. It is advised to take these shots before the day before the party. Have a small cake just for your child, dress your baby in best birthday outfit and give your baby new and beautiful toys to play with. The reason behind doing this, on your baby’s birthday he may get tired or cranky, and in this situation, you will not be able to click beautiful pictures.

  • Location- If you are inviting other younger children and don’t need any chaos or kids running in your home. You can easily find a party venue. You can choose kid’s gym, music schools, dance schools and indoor playgrounds that are specially designed for babies. Parks and playgrounds are also perfect places for a party.

Conclusion- Hope these above-mentioned tips will help you to make your baby’s 1st birthday party almost perfect. Do you have any 1st birthday party ideas or tips you would like to share with us?

Please feel free to share and let us know in the comments below.

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