The Best Cafes’ in Parramatta, Sydney

Parramatta Sydney

When you visit a place, the idea is to get into the fabric of the society of the place in order to really experience the reality of the place and one sure-fire way to do it is to visit the local cafes. Cafes, in general, carry the very essence of a society’s soul as they represent the environment around them in their most natural settings. Sydney is no different from this perspective and here are 5 cafes located in Parramatta, recommended by Britlock Locksmiths Favourite Cafes, that one should pay a visit to as they represent everything that Sydney was, is and will be.

The Circa Espresso

The first café that we would like to bring up is the Circa Espresso, located at 21 Wentworth Street, Parramatta mainly due to its chic setting which is among the reasons as to why it is a favourite ‘hang out’ not just among locals, but also ex-pats. Only about a five-minute walk from the Parramatta station, the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere extends a ‘French-like’ vibe served with the best types of coffee that Australia has to offer. From bold full flavoured coffee to delicious nutty creamy coffee, the Circa Espresso guarantees satisfaction with each serving to the very last drop. Apart from the coffee at circa espresso which is trippy enough to spin the world around for those who simply love coffee, there is also the brunches and lunches. Among the most popular dishes that deserves mention here is the Ottoman eggs that come topped with burnt chilli, crumbed eggplant, and seeded sourdough, To put it simply, Circa Espresso is coffee paradise, and then some!

parramatta railway station
Parramatta, Australia – Train at platform of Parramatta railway station, located on the Main Western line, serving the Sydney suburb of Parramatta.

Paper Plane Café

Next up is the Paper Plane Café located at 5/2 Horwood Pl, Parramatta NSW 2150 which is the kind of café where most would want to go, kick back and chill for the rest of the day either by making small talk with others there, snuggle up to a good book, finish up work on their laptops or transform into keyboard warriors and rampage through social media. Apart from the delicious breakfast and lunch dishes such as the Chorizos that come flanked with two baked eggs immersed rich, spicy tomato sauce and the ‘Midnight Cuban’ which involves a triple smoked ham, Swiss cheese and pulled pork, there is the great coffee that will certainly appease the taste buds of serious coffee lovers. The atmosphere at the Paper Plane Café is most certainly inviting which makes the café among the best places to enjoy the soul of Sydney itself

The River Café

The River Café which is located at 9/330 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150 is undoubtedly a diamond in the rough. This is not only due to their splendid coffee and mouth-watering delicacies but also the Cafe’s picture-perfect harbour view that’s offers a spectacular sweeping view of the serene Parramatta River. The River Café is simply the perfect place to relax and enjoy the ambience of the picturesque environment whilst enjoying the most amazing pastries that Sydney has to offer its denizens along with the perfect cup of coffee.


These three Cafes have been highlighted in this review based on multiple perspectives which include the coffee, the menu, the setting and the location of these quaint and pleasant cafes which are definitely worth the visit.

Roy Ellery

Roy Ellery

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