What is a Walkie Forklift? How Much Does a Walkie Forklift Cost?

Walkie Forklift

A Walkie Forklift is one of the most common forklifts that people use all around the world. People also call them as Walkie Stacker or walk-behind stacker. In a nutshell, it is nothing but a pallet truck that allows the operator to move the pallets to different heights in the warehouse, manufacturing plants, and construction sites. Work can move much faster when companies use this machine to do tasks like shifting the pallet from one place to another. 

These machines can be operated manually as well as through power. They are the best option when it comes to moving pallets from one place to another. These machines can work relentlessly for almost 5 hours. Walkie forklift is apt for indoor use than outdoor use. 

In the market, you can different types of Walkie forklifts, here are some of the most popular ones:

Walkie Straddle Stacker

These are the most common type of forklifts that you can see in Australia. The straddle legs allow the weight of the goods to distribute equally on the forklift. Legs of this machine will enable operators to straddle the pallet with ease. 

The stacker can come closer to the pallet with ease. Unlike the other forklifts you find in the market, it does not require a lot of space. These are used commonly in places such as small warehouses, storerooms, and customer racking zones, to name a few. These machines lift the pallets from 2.642 mm to 4.826 mm.

Ride on Walkie Stacker

These forklifts have a design similar to that of the standard walkie stackers. The best part about this particular forklift is that it allows an operator to ride on it. It is quite helpful to the operator, especially if the operator has to work for long hours. 

The only disadvantage of this machine is that people who operate this machine need to have a driver’s license. But, this is not the same with walkie stackers. Anyone can operate those machines. 

Walkie Reach Stacker

Now, this is the second most popular forklift in Australia. The design of this stacker is similar to that of a straddle stacker. This equipment comes with a mast that has pantographic scissors at the end. As a result, moving goods farther away from the stacker is possible. 

These machines lift the pallets or other similar components to heights reaching to 2.565 mm to 4.457 mm. It is apt for mid-level racking. They use this equipment in applications such as trucks, utility vehicles, and trailers. 

Standard Walkie Stacker

The Standard Walkie Stacker comes with legs that one can fold. They usually sit beneath the forklift, enabling it to distribute the load weight equally. These machines are too robust as you can use it to lift more than one pallet with ease. The only problem with this equipment is that you can only lift bottomless containers or pallets. It can reach heights upto 1.845mm-4.255mm.

Counter-Balance Walkie Stacker

Now, this equipment uses a counter-balance weight technique to distribute the load because of which, you can take this machine in aisles that are narrow with ease. They are suitable for some companies. These machines can lift the pallets to the heights of 2.542mm to 5.817mm, which depends entirely on the capacity. 

Amount You Need to Spend On Walkie Forklift 

Now, coming to the question of how much do you need to spend to purchase Walkie forklift. Here are some insights and tips that you need to follow when picking a Walkie forklift. So many factors contribute to the pricing of a forklift. Here are some of them for your reference:

Brand of the Company:

Yes, this is the most crucial factor that contributes to the price of a forklift. Forklifts costs vary from company to company. A company that has a good reputation and name in the market sell their products at a very high price. 

Model and the Features:

The next thing that affects the cost of a forklift is the model that you select. Different models have different features. Equipment with fewer features might cost a little less than the ones with so many exciting features. If you have sufficient money, you should plan on picking a model that is apt for your requirements. 

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