The benefits of excavator hire for home improvement projects

Excavator Hire

While many people are well capable of handling most home improvement jobs, spare time is what normally holds most of us back, many times this is enough to abandon home projects or delay them until there is a suitable time, which often can take months to never happening.

While home interior jobs mostly require manual labour, jobs outside and in the garden can benefit greatly from machinery hire, and also cuts down the total amount of hours significantly for many jobs.

A basic example of this would be when painting a driveway, the fastest way is to purchase or hire a pressure washer and a spray gun to turn a job that could take up to 30 hours manually, into something that can be done in around 4 hours a day across two days.

The same ideas can be applied to things such as landscaping, pathway creation and shed installations. The average cost of having a shed slab placed by professionals is often around the $2000 to $3000 mark, for a 10 x 10 metre square project. Often this is far more than the shed cost itself.

For jobs like this, they can be done at home easily with the help of machinery in a few hours. Bobcats are not the ideal solution for jobs like this, as they are very large and bulky, and tend to prefer to move in one single direction only at a time. A far better choice is an excavator hire which allows a full swing motion with the benefits of the bobcat style scoop container to do the same job with much more ease and taking up far less space.

When using an excavator for a shed slab, you can spray paint out a region you are looking to work with, and easily remove the top soil required. The depth is fairly easy to control too as the excavator can still operate well in a direct line at a fixed depth. The benefits are immense and ensure the job is completed in the matter of a couple of hours, instead of a full day of manual digging with a shovel.

Excavator Hire Melbourne

The main range of excavators for this type of job are known as mini excavators, some are indeed small in size, however this class is applied not only to tiny machines, but also decent sized ones often much larger than the average sized car. Anything above 3.5 tonnes is normally classed as a mid sized excavator and mainly used in large construction projects, from scratch home builds or large civil landscaping jobs.

Mini excavators fill the niche for home, farm and hobby-farm use, as with their full swing rotation, they can do much of the work without a large physical footprint of space being taken up on the land.

For more information on mini excavators, we recommend taking a look at the Scoop Hire website. Scoop Hire is a Melbourne based company and offer a wide range of mini-excavator hire options and attachments to tackle most home improvement, landscaping or demolition works.

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