Long-Distance Road Trips With Millennials: Tricks And Tips

Road Trip With Millennials

Millennials love to travel but do it very differently from the older generations. Millennials travel in style, loving varied and fast activities like kayaking, floating, climbing, hiking, surfing, looking for that perfect instagram photo.

Millennials have completely changed the travel industry, with reviews and peer-to-peer information determining their next vacation destination.  But for many in the older generations, taking a road trip with a millennial can easily become stressful due to their off-the-beaten-track and spontaneous, quirky travel ideas. So here are some tricks and tips to making your long-distance road trip a millennial fun and memorable.

  1. Allow the Millennial to do the road trip research and planning

The millennial have a “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO) since they believe that “you only live once” (YOLO). That’s the backbone of all the planning and research they make when it comes to travelling. Mostly, they seek out experiences and adventure more than relaxing, slowing down and just being.  It is advisable to let the millennial choose the accommodation, adventure itinerary, stopovers locations and route. Since their travel goal is to experience a new culture, sample local cuisine, make new friends and capture the moments, allowing them to research road trip destinations will ensure they have included all they want, without missing out on anything. I suggest you go along with it and you might just learn something new. If it all gets too much, you can sit out parts of the itinerary to catch your breath.

  1. Technology matters

To a millennial, their adventure is often mapped out on their social media platform, especially Instagram and Facebook. The road trip activities and destinations maybe based on posts seen from the social media influencers and travel bloggers. Technology and social media become their travel companion, using their smartphones to take and post photos and to preserve memories.

Driving through a thunderstorm and rain provides the perfect opportunity for the millennial to capture the perfect shot. Allow them to capture and chronicle your road trip journey through their stories and photos.

Sharing is an essential aspect of their lives. They need to validate their entire online trip to their followers and friends, and they also want their families to be part of those picturesque moments.

  1. They travel with their hip accessories

From posh luggage to camera bags to water, millennial love travelling in style and they want to look cool and be cool. Millennial travelling obsessions range from alkaline water to silk sleep masks. No eye-rolling is allowed, let them be.

Allow them to choose their road trip snacks. Having individual snack bags is advisable since your taste may differ.

  1. Have a comfortable and well-equipped car

Taking a long-distance road trip requires  a spacious and well-serviced vehicle with a few basic accessories. Ensure you have a tyre pressure gauge to keep on monitoring your tyre pressure, having a tyre burst is the last thing you want while driving along. Furthermore, having a low-pressure tyre on a bumpy, dirt road can be extremely unsafe. Carry an air compressor, tyre repair kit, jerrycan of gas, animal whistle and radiator coolant.

Additionally, ensure your vehicle has the door edge guards which protect your car doors from scratches and dents and you can easily keep your windscreen clean and clear with a glass cleaner.

  1. Have the Right Car Trip Gadgets
Right Car Trip Gadgets

Taking a road trip with millennial is fun and enjoyable, but you need to have the right tools to keep their electronics working. Have a mobile wireless internet to keep the travellers connected all the time.

A mobile satellite TV receiver will keep the millennial entertained on the road while a mobile video system helps to monitor the car’s surroundings. Additionally, other systems have a screen, USB ports and card readers for playing videos and watching movies.To avoid the frustration of dropping cell phone connection, having a satellite phone helps to provide coverage when out of network range.

Lastly, the most vital gadget of your road trip with a millennial is a Power Inverter since it keeps all the appliances powered up.

  1. Wellness Matters
Tricks And Tips With Millennials

Regardless of their locality and duration of the road trip, millennials believe in staying healthy and exercising, whether that means looking for organic food options or activities that immerse them to local culture or booking accommodations with gym offers.

Millennial love to eat healthily and stay active, incorporate yoga, hiking and other outdoor activities on the list of things-to-do. Just because they are on the road, doesn’t mean they are letting themselves go and giving their active lifestyle a break.

In conclusion,

Taking a road trip with a millennial can  be enjoyable if you allow them to discover and blaze the trail.  Be part of their discovering and bold, authenticity travelling style for an out-of-the box experience. Who knows, you may even start your own bucket list!

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