How to Design a Large Family Bathroom

Having a separate bathroom for grown-ups and for children is not a luxury most families can afford. More often than not, one bathroom has to do it, but that does not have to be a headache-inducing predicament. It is time to turn a new leaf and put together a space that accommodates your wants and needs, a bathroom you won’t outgrow after a year or two. Yes, if you play it smart, you can make your indoor oasis work for every member of the family. To make it happen, you are going to have to plan thoroughly and find a way to maximize every inch of space.

Working out a design plan

Do not even think of embarking on a design endeavour without a solid plan in place. Bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in the household and also host some of the bulkiest items. Besides, note that your design choices are also restricted by plumbing. So, first off, take into account the number of family members who will use the space and think about how the bathroom will be utilized. It goes without saying that you will need ample space for major fixtures and furniture.

A perfect layout

Furthermore, carefully assess your square footage. Do not fret in case your space is on the smaller size. With the help of an optimal layout, you can squeeze quite a lot in it. One thing you do not want to do is create a cramped and cluttered bathroom. Therefore, come up with a beautiful and minimal scheme.  Seek space-saving alternatives to traditional fixtures. For instance, why let close-coupled toilet and pedestal basin occupy precious floor area when you can opt for wall-hung counterparts?

Vertical storage

This brings us to another point. Namely, when space comes at a premium, vertical dimension plays a vital role. You need to make the most wall-mounted storage with built-in cupboards, open shelving, and other units.  Mirrored cabinets are a neat solution as well, if there is no space for a separate mirror. Mind that using a lockable medicine cabinet is essential for keeping lotions, potions, medicines, and poisonous chemicals out of children’s reach. With the help of these storage tools, you will save quite a bit of floor space.

Functional staples

To increase bathroom’s functionality, find a way to integrate two sets of taps, either with two separate basins or with one larger basin.  This will save you a lot of frustration in times when bathroom needs to be used by multiple family members. What is more, it is a good idea to have a lot of surface space next to the basin. To this end, a contemporary bathroom vanity unit with an insert basin and a stone surround is always a sound option.

Bathtubs and/or showers

Having a bath is a must for most families, but not all baths are created equal. Parents with young kids should always consider double-ended models with a central tap. This type of tub allows you to bathe two children at the same time fuss-free. In case you want to have a separate shower and bath, though, you might have to go for smaller-than-standard bathtubs. Finally, families with grown-up children may be tempted to ditch the tub altogether and create a walk-in wet room.

New visual heights

Once you ensure a high level of utility, turn your attention to increasing visual appeal. Introduce pops of color to bring life and excitement to the family sanctuary. Paint one wall in a whimsical colour. Work wonders with playful accessories such as bright towels and bathroom mats with cartoon motifs. It may be wise to keep the backdrop subdued and neutral to avoid going overboard.  And if you really know what you are doing, you can experiment with bold paintwork and striking tiles.

Let your personalities show

Along the similar lines, you can blend functionality and aesthetics by using, for example, the beautiful, textured tiles which have a non-slip coating that reduces the risk of accidents. Finally, make a wow effect with the centrepieces such as ornate mirrors and quirky chandeliers. These focal points draw the eye and allow you to make a statement. Remember that the goal is to create a room that is truly your own, and not to imitate others and blindly follow trends.

For good measure

A family bathroom can be much, much more than a wasteland of discarded cosmetics and toys. To make your dream a reality, start planning well ahead of time. Do not just cram things in. Take your time figuring out the layout and avoid space-eating fixtures and elements. Explore your storage options to keep the clutter at bay. Deliver finishing décor touches to leave a personal mark on the space. Try to mix sublime luxury with prime practicality. Coexist happily in comfort and make every member of the family feel special.

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