How to Wear Jumpsuits in Australia this Spring

If you’ve been eyeing cute new jumpsuits or playsuits online but aren’t sure how to style them, or you’re ready to incorporate your summer jumpsuits into your spring wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. Wearing a jumpsuit is comfortable, simple (one piece and you’re dressed!), and right on trend, but it can be tough to figure out exactly how to make it work. This guide to wearing jumpsuits this spring in Australia will transform your day-to-day wardrobe and make getting dressed that much simpler.

1. Belted

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the fabric, simply break it up with a belt. Wide or skinny, a belt will cinch you in at your smallest point (your waist) and give it definition so that you wear the jumpsuit, and it doesn’t wear you.

2. Pop of Color

An all-black jumpsuit is simply divine and oh-so flattering, but sometimes it can look a little depressing—especially in the beautiful spring weather. To make your fab jumpsuit look a little less funeral-y, layer it with gorgeous pops of color. Bright shoes, a printed handbag or tote, and statement jewellery can really brighten up your look while letting you rock the black.

3. Dressed Up

Jumpsuits are the perfect way to reinvigorate your wardrobe for dressier events. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a work function, or planning a night out, jumpsuits are just as dressy as, well, dresses—if you style them right. Use jewellery, heels, and accessories like a faux fur scarf or a cape to make a regular jumpsuit event-ready.

4. Work Ready

There’s no reason you can’t rock a jumpsuit in the office—even if you’re not an astronaut. Add a blazer for a polished, professional vibe, or throw on a collared shirt underneath for a preppy, put-together look.

5. Weather Ready

Jumpsuits aren’t just for summer. Unpack your jumpsuits with your spring clothes this year, with a few tweaks to make sure they last through the cooler weather. A long cardigan and loafers will give you a boho-chic look that works perfectly on lazy Saturdays and Sundays, and a long-sleeved shirt underneath will give you comfortable, cosy layers without looking too bulky.6. Clean and Simple

Jumpsuits are a bold statement all on their own, so make sure you don’t “overdress” them. If you’re sporting a brightly coloured or patterned piece, keep accessories and jewellery to a minimum. Some jumpsuits are a work of art all on their own, so let them shine without too much weighing them down.

7. Wearable

Any jumpsuit can be dressed down or up, depending on the occasion, which gives you a ton of wear from just one piece. If you want to look more casual, top off your jumpsuit with a denim jacket and sneakers (tip: this is the perfect outfit for airports and long flights). To dress up the same jumpsuit, throw on a leather jacket and banging heels because, let’s be honest, when are shoes not the solution to everything?

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