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Rope access training Melbourne is an excellent way to get the ropes on rope access system for individuals keen on pursuing rope access as a career. Although there are not many providers for rope access training, you can always search for rope access near me to find the best agency to work with. Rope access is a system that is safe and affordable for completing work at heights in subterranean environments and confined spaces using ropes and doing away with lifts, scaffoldings or bosun chairs. Rope access evolved in the 1990s taking a cue from climbing and caving techniques for use in industrial settings to address critical access challenges.

An affordable and safe system

Rope access provides an innovative and affordable solution to all access problems. Most of us do know that getting to the heights to clean up glasses or carry out essential repairs is always a challenge involving significant expenditure. While the job itself may last only a few hours, creating safe infrastructure to execute the job can drill a hole through the wallet. But rope access is your affordable, safe and convenient solution whenever you have a task to be executed at a significant height.  It is also a complete system that addresses all associated issues lie labour, rescue, access, environmental controls, and stet-up/dismantle. Further, you will make a single payment for all these hirings just one team to handle everything.

What are the savings from rope access?

There are multiple costs involved in the traditional system while rope access system saves you a significant amount of money by allowing you to deal with just one system.

Rope access is a 360 degrees system useful in many situations

Unlike traditional systems, rope access is a 360 degrees system which serves several applications. This brings along the significant level of efficiency and progress that users appreciate.  Most projects involving heights need a collaborative and comprehensive solution and rope access can provide such solutions since no space beyond their reach and no problem remains unsolved.  Rope access services are significantly useful in areas like providing trade works engineers, construction crews, maintenance and cleaning services, geotechnical personnel, set builders for motion picture industry, wind-turbine personnel, and a sea of similar services.

Pursuing rope access for a career

For some people like divers and rock climbers, swinging on ropes throughout the day may be a natural fit, but others hardly understand the extensive scope of this job or the right start to take up rope access as a career. The primary question that comes up is whether rope access can be pursued by anyone and whether it is an ideal choice for a career. Another question is to where and how to get the required training. After exploring these areas in greater detail, we have culled out the following answers for you. You can sign up for rope access training Melbourne or merely look for rope access near me.

Different levels and scope for advancement

When you take the industrial route for rope access training Melbourne, the going can be challenging. But given different levels of training, you can start at level 1 and move your way up to level 3. Once you reach level 3 you will be able to supervise different job sites depending on the length of time you have spent on other rope access jobs. Similar to the aviation industry, your prowess is judged by the number of hours you have worked at each level. For instance, moving up from level 1 to level 2 will need at least 1000 hours of practical work at level 1. Similarly, you should log in another 1000 hours to move up to level 3. After reaching level 3, your certificate is renewed every 3 years.

Your remuneration

Rope access services are generally billed by the hour. Therefore, your compensation will also most likely be on an hourly basis and for the actual time logged in at work. Most newbies (post initial training) start at around $20 per hour. Working in shift may be involved and there are also monthly breaks where you can be away from work for a whole month or more. Some jobs may also present opportunities to earn overtime wages when certain tasks need completion in a limited period of time.

 Other benefits

While the usual benefits attached to a hazardous job will accrue to you, you may also get to work on some of the iconic structures. The techniques involved are similar to recreational climbing and there is also plenty of problem-solving opportunities to add frizz to the job.


Compared to other methods of accessing heights, rope access is significantly safer. For instances, a scaffolding does not often have the same standards as rope access. Even when you are hanging about 1000 feet above ground level, you are safer compared to someone on a ladder changing a light bulb. Statistically too, rope access is safer to most other trades in accessing heights.


When you focus on sticking to your home turf, you may get 9 to 5 jobs at intervals. But most other tasks involve a significant amount of travel. A major part of rope access jobs are away from the home base and travel is integral to the job. Travel also provides wide experience apart from the fact that you will potentially add the experience from working for some of the prestigious buildings in different cities and even countries. This experience, in turn, will be a desirable addition to your resume.

Diverse tasks

All rope access jobs are not the same and you will have significantly diverse jobs like working in oil and gas, welding, washing windows, insulation, maintaining infrastructure and so forth. To make a mark in the industry, if you also bring along other trades like welding for instance you can aim at harder welding jobs hanging from heights.  Undoubtedly it involves training, ability to work at heights and deliver your skills precisely.

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