How Long Does A Rhinoplasty Take?


Have you ever felt self-conscious about your nose shape? Well, most people, especially women, does. You don’t need to worry anymore as we got the perfect way to modify your nose’s shape as per your need. Here comes the Rhinoplasty procedure, which had been gaining popularity for the past few years.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is also commonly referred to as a Nose job, which is performed to change the nose’s shape. The procedure will be recommended either to improve your nose’s appearance or to solve the breathing problems.

How much time does rhinoplasty take?

Now, coming to the main question, where you will be thinking about the amount of time required to perform the rhinoplasty surgery. According to the cosmetic experts, the procedure may take time, depending on the type of system they will perform. Generally, the rhinoplasty takes 1.5 hours to 3 hours to be completed.

The procedure takes time and also depends on the need of the patient. If the process is simple, then it will be completed within an hour. If the steps are complicated, then the method would extend for two to three hours. You can refer to the best center for it like rhinoplasty Sydney

What are the causes that affect the time of rhinoplasty surgery?

Type of procedure: There are generally two types of rhinoplasty that require different time to complete. If the patient is suggested for closed surgery, the surgical incisions will be seen inside the nose. It won’t show any scars. If the open rhinoplasty is preferred, it requires incision inside the nostrils and another incision across the nose’s edge. Here most of the medical professional prefers open surgery as it is perfect for treating delicate areas.

Type of surgeon: The time taken for the surgery depends on which the surgeon will perform the process. The period differs whether the surgeon is experienced or not. Their efficiency, their team experts  If the surgeon is experienced, he/she may not take much time than the fresher. The team should work co-ordinately to complete the process rapidly and safely.

There is a non-surgical rhinoplasty, which takes hardly five minutes to perform.

Grafting: Rhinoplasty procedure is primarily involved in the grafting. Hence, the time taken is also based on the amount of grafting required. For example, consider the patient needs to modify their nose shape to be more comprehensive, and then the method involves grafting the cartilage, which can be collected from nose, ears, or rib. Depends on the grafting area, the procedure might take some time.

Breathing problem: If the patient reported having a past medical history of breathing problems, then the rhinoplasty takes longer than the other patients. Here, it can be treated in four different ways as nasal septoplasty, turbinate reduction, polyp removal, and nasal valve collapse.

Revision rhinoplasty: If the patient demands the revision rhinoplasty as they are not satisfied with the results, the procedure will lead to more complications. It’s a difficult job to correct somethings which have been done wrong in this surgery method.  The process will be more complicated to perform than the first time, and so it requires extra time than the standard rhinoplasty procedure.

After undergoing the procedure, it is crucial to follow medications and some instructions to see the best results. Don’t you agree that ‘a perfect job needs some extra time’?

As per the words, no matter the time taken to complete the procedure of rhinoplasty, you will get the perfect shape of the nose as you desired. According to the professionals, the process is highly effective and shows the result within a specified period.

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