Various Types of Car Exhaust Parts

The exhaust system is primarily the most important part of a vehicle. It is not only vital for fuel mileage, but the proper functioning of a vehicles exhaust system is crucial for the environment.  It most importantly is directly related to the safety of the people travelling in the vehicle.

The exhaust system carries away the gases that are generated when the fuel and air are burned in the exhaustion chamber. The gases are detrimental to the health of not only humans but the environment as a whole. Maintenance is key to keeping the exhaust system in proper working condition. If you do not enough knowledge on the anatomy of the exhaust system, read on.

Here We will list the Different Car Exhaust Parts:

Exhaust Parts

  • Exhaust manifold: The most crucial part of the car exhaust system is the exhaust manifold. This manifold takes all the exhaust from all the cylinders and combines them in the pipe. The manifold is attached to the cylinder heads. They are basically made of stainless steel, aluminium and also iron cast.
  • Oxygen sensor: An oxygen sensor measures how much oxygen is present in the exhaust. This sensor is present in most fuel injected cars and is mounted near the exhaust pipe or the exhaust manifold. With an oxygen sensor in place, you will be able to add or subtract fuel to obtain the correct mixture.
  • Muffler: The combustion process creates a lot of noise. A muffler helps to bring down the noise to some bearable frequencies. There are a variety of mufflers in the market and varies depending on the kind of vehicle you are using. They are mostly of the aluminum or the stainless steel variety. Most mufflers use baffles to bounce the exhaust around dissipating the energy and lowering the decibel.
  • Catalytic converter: A catalytic converter converts harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into water vapor and carbon dioxide. These converters help to reduce nitrogen oxides. The converter is a crucial car exhaust part and is mounted between the exhaust manifold and muffler.
  • Exhaust pipe: From the above list of car exhaust parts, the most important role is played by the exhaust pipe. It carries the gas out of the tail pipe. The exhaust pipes are usually made of steel or aluminum, however, the stainless steel variety lasts longer as it does not corrode.

The above were the various types of car exhaust parts. However, there are various types of exhaust systems and the car exhaust parts vary from one exhaust system to another. Here we will list the different types of exhaust systems:

Car Exhaust Part

  • Single exit exhaust: The single exit exhaust includes a single exhaust pipe that exits from the rear passenger side. This variety of exhaust is especially used for small automobiles.
  • Dual side exhaust: In this exhaust system, two exhaust pipes are next to each other and they exit in the rear of the vehicle. They are mostly used on passenger vehicles.
  • Dual Rear exhaust: In the dual rear exhaust two separate exhaust pipes exiting at the rear with one on each side. This variety is especially used in powerful car engines who want their engine to sound powerful.

The above are a few varieties of car exhaust parts and exhaust systems. While you purchase a vehicle, make sure to learn about the different car parts and invest in each part accordingly. Make an informed decision, take clues from those who are well aware on car exhaust parts, do your research on the quality of products before investing. Lastly, maintenance is the key.

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