Furnishing Your First Apartment: What You’ll Need and How to Save Money

Moving into your first apartment is a beautiful, rewarding experience many people dream of. However, not a lot of people quite understand what it entails. Apart from having to make sure that you’ll be able to cover all of your monthly expenses in the future, you’ll need to furnish your new apartment top to bottom.

Here, we’re not talking about sprucing up something that’s already more or less furnished, no. Here we’re talking about starting from the point zero. So, since this endeavor is not quite as simple as it sounds, we’ve prepared a list of room by room essentials to help you stay on the right track. Please note that this is not a complete list and you can deviate from it as much as you see fit. Let’s check it out.

The entryway

The entryway is the most commonly forgotten part of the house, but it is the first “room” anyone sees once they enter your apartment. Therefore, don’t make the common mistake, but start from your entryway. The basic furniture pieces you’ll need here are a welcome mat, coat and keys hanger and footwear storage. To save some money, you can opt to turn the coat hanger and footwear storage into a fun DIY project. If you choose this route, make sure to go with recycled or reclaimed wood.

The kitchen

The kitchen is a pretty big place to furnish, not in terms of actual space, but the things you’ll need to obtain to make it functional. So, apart from the kitchen cabinets, sink and all the appliances (stove and refrigerator being absolutely mandatory), you’ll need to get all the kitchen utensils, dishes and glassware. If your dining area is located in your kitchen as well, don’t forget the table and chairs. Also, try to squeeze in a kitchen island if the room allows it because it’s both practical and works as an amazing focal point of the room. Finally, make sure you buy only high-quality, energy-efficient appliances to make sure you are doing the right thing for both the planet and your budget in the long run.

The living room

Since the living room is the room you’ll be spending the majority of your time in, the furniture in it needs to be comfortable above all else. Here, think in terms of a big sofa, a beautiful ottoman and a chic egg chair for seating arrangements. Next, add a coffee table, some side tables and a TV stand. The rest of the furniture will depend on the amount of room you have but know that bookshelves and other storage solutions are always a popular choice. If you have a small living room, you can save both the space and money by getting furniture pieces with built-in storage. Also, you can browse flea markets and yard sales and find some amazing pieces for only a fraction of their original price, so keep those in mind as well.

The bedroom

The bedroom is probably the easiest room to furnish, as it originally doesn’t contain a lot of furniture pieces. The essentials are, of course, the bed, nightstands and a wardrobe, but if you have enough room, you may choose to include a vanity as well. Remember, it’s your bedroom and you are the one it needs to provide with the maximum comfort, so if you feel like you need some other piece of furniture here as well, feel free to add whatever comes to mind. However, know that a bedroom should only foster serenity, so avoid going crazy and overstuffing it.

The bathroom

Finally, the bathroom is the room that’s usually already furnished upfront, but you can choose to replace some of the elements to reduce your monthly expenditures in the future. Equipment-wise, the essentials are a bathtub, a toilet and a washbasin, but you can choose to add a bidet and some storage solution for maximum efficiency. Also, you can choose to replace our shower head and faucets with the ones featuring aerators, as well as a low-flow double-flush toilet to reduce water wasting.

Other important mentions

Every room of your house should also have a rug for added warmth, various lighting fixtures (layered lighting works best in every room) as well as some window treatments like curtains and drapes. The design of the mentioned items depends solely on your taste and preferences, but always try to buy pieces made of natural materials because they are less harmful to the environment and are generally much more durable. Finally, always go with LED or CFL light bulbs to reduce energy waste as well as your expenses in the long run.

Therefore, know that furnishing your first apartment is a process that can’t be done overnight. There will always be something you wish to either add to your design or replace altogether. So, make sure you only buy the essentials initially, to leave enough room for upgrading.

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