Can I Use Microsoft Office 365 Without An Internet Connection?

Microsoft Office 365 Without Internet

Do you remember those times when Microsoft Office was a wonder to use? People were going crazy over their first computer on their table. That blue-green Windows wallpaper and the Microsoft office was a thing of beauty to most. Those nostalgic times!

Microsoft Office has always been the universal need for productivity enthusiasts. Back in the days, people bought the software bundled with their Windows OS. And the best part: the software worked offline—all of those (Internet Explorer has to be ignored).

Cloud Storages were believed to have been invented in the early 60s. Remember ARPANET? These storage systems entered the market a couple of decades later and revolutionized the data storage of people. And people came up with this brilliant idea to make everything on-the-go, with cloud storage.

It was then, Microsoft made its way back into the market of the productivity range of apps with its Office 365. That’s what they named the software. The update changes the way people perceived and interacted with Microsoft Office apps. There were more frequent updates, security patches, the latest features, and bug fixes.

But one thing confused everyone, whether Office 365 apps would be available for offline use? This confusion was growing cavernous because nobody wanted to update without getting proper reviews. And some people are still confused about the same. So, let’s see whether Office 365 apps would be available for offline use.

While Microsoft Office 365 apps are subscription-based planes and require an internet connection to access and use, Microsoft made several apps desktop-based. This was the time when people realized; they needed an update. Guess what? Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are accessible offline.

The desktop apps are installed primarily when the subscription is added at the time of installation. However, you have to connect your computer to an internet network from Office 365 migration to Microsoft Office desktop apps, every 30 days.

How do I access Microsoft Office 365 without an internet connection?

As I said before, anyone can use the desktop apps by Microsoft Office 365 offline, here I shall say how. Just follow the steps below. There are no hidden tips, and the process is simple!

  • Visit office.come and Sign in, if you haven’t already.
  • Find your Microsoft account out of the list of the Email addresses enlisted.
  • Install the 32-bit or 64-bit version depending upon your hardware type. 64-bit version is installed by default, and if you realize that your machine is a 32-bit old junkie, you have to uninstall the 64-bit version first.
  • At this point, Microsoft begins installing desktop apps first. Or you can choose whatever Office 365 apps you wish to install first.
  • Now, select “Install Office’, in the prompt, and follow the following steps on the screen.

In case you were curious, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, publisher, exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business are all the apps available for online use.

You see, the steps were simpler than you imagined. But you will have to run the apps to see if they work. If they do not, however, you may have to activate the license agreement.

There is another way to use Microsoft Office 365 offline, but for the first glances only. That process doesn’t seem to work properly, so we shall not talk about that now.

Final Words

Microsoft    Office 365 is a revolutionary productivity app ever launched by Microsoft. It has an option to save your file on OneDrive, the official cloud storage space by Microsoft. And to save your back from getting hit by those rivals, Microsoft offers a mobile version of Microsoft Office.

I hope you got your answer and can use Microsoft Office 365 apps offline. Automation is the new future!

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