Can I Use Microsoft Office 365 Without An Internet Connection?

Microsoft Office 365 Without Internet

I have been asked to write about the topic of using Microsoft Office 365 without an Internet Connection.

It is essential to address which part of Microsoft Office 365 we are talking about here because Microsoft 365 Product Suite includes many features and services. We are only talking about Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Applications. Desktop applications support both Windows and macOS computers. They include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher applications.

The short answer to the question: “Can I Use Microsoft Office 365 without an Internet Connection?” is YES. But let us look at why there is a question about this so we can better understand the answer.

Currently, people are embracing a subscription-based service system. For example, subscriptions like Netflix, Xbox Game Pass where you pay a monthly subscription fee and the service provider makes sure they keep adding more content such as movies and TV Series on Netflix and Games on Xbox Game Pass so you can keep yourself busy watching and playing all year long. Microsoft, too, introduced a subscription-based service system called Office 365 where you can subscribe to your Microsoft Office Applications and Microsoft will continue to add features and security updates as long as you keep paying. I really love this because I know I always have the latest version of Office 365 Desktop Applications on all my devices at any given time. Subscription-based services usually depend on the Cloud; hence, you need to have an Internet connection for them to use all its added features.

Suppose you buy a Microsoft Office 365 Subscription for your Desktop Applications such as Microsoft Office 365 Personal, Home or Business. In that case, you will need an Internet Connection to follow these required steps to get this software working on your Desktop:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Applications.
  2. Activate your Microsoft Office 365 Subscription.

Once you have activated your Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Applications, Microsoft will automatically continue to check your subscription status over the Internet in the background to confirm you are still a paying customer. Once activated, you can continue to use the product as usual without an Internet connection. However, if Microsoft fails to verify the status of your subscription for 30 days, it will change your Office applications from a fully working system to a reduced functionality mode. You can still Read activities in this mode, but you cannot use the software to modify documents or send emails using the Outlook Desktop app.

If you have a device that does not log into the Internet for over 30 days, it means you are running your device with no security updates for 30 days  ,and I do not recommend this. Microsoft Office 365 Subscription for Office Applications are meant to be used with an Internet connection, because this version of Office applications has many AI (Artificial Intelligence) based features. One of my favourites is the Data Analyzer function in Microsoft Excel. This feature is part of the subscription-based Microsoft Office Desktop Applications and also supports Web-based Office apps.

If for some reason, you have a device that will not check in with an Internet connection for over 30 days, but you still use this device for word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentations; what is your choice in the Microsoft world? The answer is Microsoft Office 2019/2022. If you fall into this category, I recommend you buy the OEM version of Microsoft Office Desktop Applications. You will not require an Internet connection once you have activated the OEM version of the software once.

I believe, I have now answered the great question: “Can I Use Microsoft Office 365 without an Internet Connection?” But I thought it would be great to include why you should choose the subscription-based Office Desktop Applications or Office 365 migration over OEM if you have a reliable Internet connection. There are a lot of pros and cons for both sides, but I am going to focus on why I chose Microsoft Office 365 for Home for my family. For my business, I use Microsoft 365 Business Premium and discussing the business version is for another day.

  1. I can share my subscription with five other family members. So, my partner and my son both share my subscription and enjoy the same benefits.
  2. It comes with 1TB of OneDrive Personal Storage in the Cloud. I love this. All my photos on the phone are automatically synchronized to OneDrive and then deleted from the phone. My partner and my son get 1TB each and they do the same with their own devices and as a family we can easily share our photos and documents with each other.
  3. It also comes with 60 free minutes on Skype that I can use for several countries like USA, UK, and Australia.
  4. I can use Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint on my mobile phone.
  5. I can install, activate and use the software on up to five Desktop Computers using one subscription and my partner and son can do the same on their own devices.
  6. It gives me AI (Artificial Intelligence) based features like Data Analytics.

As you can see, I can use that one subscription and do a lot because of the power of the Cloud and the competitive advantage where Microsoft will continue to add more features and services to the same subscription and this makes it stand out among other rival offerings.

I hope this answered the question “Can I Use Microsoft Office 365 without an Internet Connection?” and you found some insights into the benefits of the Cloud-based subscription option.

Roy Ellery

Roy Ellery

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