Guide to the Different Types of Bedding Terms

You love your bed. It nurtures you, soothes you, provides you with a place to rest, relax and rejuvenate after a long day’s work or an adventure worthy of life-long memories. Part of its appeal is, of course, the fabrics draped over it, the pillows that adorn it, and the way you dress it up to perfectly comfort you and lull you into sleep. But what are all those bits of fabric called? And how to discern their quality so you can find exactly what you’re looking for when shopping to splurge on the perfect bedding? Read on for our guide to bedding terms you need to know.


Pillow Slips


Also known as pillowcases, pillow slips serve to both protect the investment of your high-quality pillows (because what is life without a luxury pillow?) and provide a comforting fabric against your face. Pre-washed for a supple feel upon arrival, INBED’s pillow slips are crafted out of linen and cotton and come in a variety of gorgeous colors including Indigo, Dove Grey, and Peach.



Fitted and Flat Sheets


If you have ever made up a bed, you’ll be familiar with the sheets with elastic edging. These are the sheets that fit around the mattress and are thus called fitted sheets. Flat sheets are the ones that drape over top. INBED’s sheets are woven out of both cotton and linen, both of which become softer and more luxurious the longer you use them. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes, as well, for whatever type of bed you have, in a range of sophisticated, rich and romantic colors.  


Duvet Covers


These large fabric pockets create a covering for your duvet, protecting your investment and providing extra comfort. Purchased in a color to match your pillow slips, the duvet cover can also turn your bed into a creatively enticing space.



Thread count


Arguably the most important marker when looking to buy sheets, thread count is one of those terms you’ve probably heard but never understood. Basically, thread count refers to the number of woven threads within a square inch of fabric so 200 threads woven lengthwise combines with 200 threads across to result in a high quality, according to experts, count of 400. IN BED’s cotton sheets are woven out of percale cotton at a 400 thread count to create supple, lightweight sheets that are perfect for those warm summer nights.


Armed with your new knowledge of all the bedding terms you’ll need, you can now shop confidently to turn your bed into an oasis of comfort and beauty! Sweet dreams!


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