Tips to Consider While Choosing Medical Massage Tables

As a physiotherapist or medical masseuse, a massage table should be one of the most vital equipment in your arsenal. You could have the best massage therapy skills that you have earned over the years, but not having a good massage table can make it difficult to practice them properly and restore your clients’ health. With a proper massage table, you can make the practice of massage more enjoyable. If you are not sure about how to choose good medical massage tables, here are some tips that you may consider making the best choice.

Type of massage

First, you should consider the kind of massage or modality that you practice. Standard massage tables are best for slightly vigorous or even general wellness massages, where you are basically supposed to stand upright and massage a client who lays supine. For vigorous massages that help to increase blood circulation, you need Premier or Deluxe massage tables. Classic Deluxe massage tables are best if you need a table to lie flat for the massages.


You should also consider how much you will be travelling with the table. The weight factor and ease of setup are two vital factors for travel.

It is possible to knock off some weight from massage tables in the following ways:

  • Pick an aluminum, and not wooden, frame
  • Buy a table minus a lifting backrest that usually weighs 4 – 6 pounds
  • Buy a smaller table, with smaller width and length. However, heavy clients cannot be accommodated in smaller tables.

You can install portable massage tables in a matter of few seconds. However, if you are planning to carry the table with you while traveling; you must look for an extra-hard massage table. Such models are designed to be tough but are lightweight and therefore easier to transport. You will be provided with a carrying case, which would make it easier to keep it protected while traveling.


It is another vital factor to consider. Your objective as a buyer should be to buy a portable massage table that is superior in quality, and which is available at the most affordable cost. Look for massage tables that are offered at a competitive price. You need to compare quotes from various stores, to find a table that comes with higher durability, lifetime warranty and competitive pricing.


Most massage table manufacturers offer portable tables with a height adjustment range of 10 inches. You can find some massage tables’ manufacturers offering a height adjustment range of 13 inches, from 22 inches to 35 inches. This is likely to accommodate most therapists, from 5 feet to more than 6 feet, and the needs of most modalities. Look for a table that can be adjusted to your height and can support the weight range of most clients.


You must pick a massage table that is of perfect width for your modality. A table of width between 29 and 31 inches should be enough for most standard wellness massage sessions, based on your clients’ as well as your own size. Your comfort must be traded off for the comfort of your clients. Massage tables that are wider are spacious enough for tall clients but can lead to ergonomic issues if you are a masseuse less than 5 feet 4 inches in height. It is more convenient to transport a narrower massage table and set it up, if you are less than this height. Keep in mind that a table of varying width may be needed for some modalities.

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