Important Things to Note About Flat-Top Trailers

Flat-Top Trailers

A flat-top tandem trailer is significantly different from a single axle flat top trailer. A tandem trailer comes with twin axles fitted one in tandem with the other. With extra tires, the trailer can handle additional weight apart from being more stable even at top speed in highway conditions. For heavy loads, a flat top tandem trailer is, therefore, a desirable option. The higher payload also means that the owner can carry more material in a single trip making it more economical. In other words, a tandem trailer helps in ensuring that you are never short of capacity justifying the additional upfront expense.

However, for single axle trailers, the towing level is not a critical factor while for tandem trailers the towing level is very important. In turn, this would mean that in uneven terrains, one set of axles can suffer enhanced wear and tear impacting the life of the tyres. While the cost of tandem trailers peg higher compared to a single axle flat-top trailer, your ROI is significantly higher with tandem trailers since they can hold their value better. Thus the tandem trailers are ideally suited for deployment in conditions involving heavy payloads over regular long-distance haulage. Conversely, when the focus is on loads with low weight and better manoeuvrability, the single axle trailer is a better choice.

In simple terms, a flat top trailer means a flat platform fitted with wheels. If you have noticed container movement on highways, the trucks employed in pulling the containers have these flatbed trailers. A huge advantage with such trailers is that the containers can simply be placed on the flat surface of the trailer and secured with the help of nuts and bolts or ropes and the containers are instantly ready to move. This type of flat top trailers is hugely popular in the modern world particularly with the ever-increasing movement of containerized cargo in Australia and elsewhere.

In fact, the flat-top trailer is the most basic variant among an array of trailers. These trailers come with special shock absorbers designed to take on the enormous load. To put this into perspective you can imagine multiple elephants or a monster like Godzilla being transported comfortably on flat top trailers and flat top tandem trailers. In other words, a flat top trailer offers the highest level of flexibility with regard to transporting goods of varying sizes and weights as comfortably as we transport loads of lesser weight or size.

Notice however that the surface of the flat top trailer should be of the best possible quality and there should be no compromise on this. Remember that this is the surface that will get abused repeatedly over time and any compromise on the quality of the steel floor can prove counter-productive in the long run.  Aluminium is also a strong contender for the surface and has multiple advantages like lightweight and strong anti-corrosive properties. Lighter weight can also add to your profits when the flat top trailer is employed for commercial haulage. When steel is your choice, you should also ensure that the trailer comes with a decent two-pack paint coat to keep the trailer free from rust and corrosion. You should also be getting your trailer repainted at annual intervals for longer life of the trailer.

Now that we have differentiated a flat top tandem trailer from a single axle flat-top trailer, let us explore the important factors that should be considered while shopping for flat top trailers.


Flat top trailer for carrying containers

Flat top trailers intended for carrying containers should ideally be fitted with twist locks. These locks help in securing the containers into place. Twist locks are made to global standards and therefore you can be confident once the containers are secured on the bed of the trailer. But when the trailer is attached to a freighter truck you should ensure that all legal stipulations are covered when you are maximizing your payload. You may also need to do a certain number crunching to get the best deal on flat top trailers from Australian vendors. The best way to achieve this is to go across to a dealer in your neighbourhood and get his advice. This can also potentially help you find second hand flat top trailers at affordable prices. Investing in a quality second-hand trailer can give you the best ROI as well as resale value, particularly with your upfront investment pegging lower. Since you are making a long term investment in flat top trailers, it is always desirable to take time and compare several quotes before making the final buying decision.

Ring latches

Ring latches fitted on the trailer bed are helpful in moving smaller machinery like excavators on to a tipper with the help of heavy-duty ramps and stow them away conveniently under the bed of your tipper trailer behind the toolboxes. Removable and adjustable partitions is another accessory that is helpful in transporting mixed loads and the tipper function helps in unloading the cargo without any disturbance to the other tools so long as the cargo is stowed securely and safely with the help of the partitions.

Trailer security

Security concerns particularly when you detach the trailer from a tow vehicle and park it should also be carefully addressed. Check with your dealer for insurance approved security devices. Most trailers need a distinct registration and this is another area where your dealer can be of help.


Flat top trailer is generally deployed in manufacturing or transportation segments.  Check out your local laws and regulations governing the use of trailers on public highways. In some jurisdictions, your driver’s license may also need a specific endorsement to tow the trailer on public highways.

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