What to Bring for Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel

Vietnam Cambodia Laos travel is one of the most booked tour packages in Southeast Asia. The culture and nature are the things that attract so many tourists to visit the countries. If you are considering to have a wonderful trip to Indochina, below are some travel tips and also things to bring during the trip.


Travel documents – make some photocopies of your main page of the passport is very important just in case it is stolen or lost. If the receptions insist on keeping the passport, you can also give it to them. For a day trip in Vietnam Cambodia Laos, it is better to keep the passport in the hotel and bring the copies in the bag. But if you are going on overnight trips, make sure to bring the original passport with you.

Luggage padlocks – even if you do not bring the luggage with you during a day trip, it is better to lock it up to prevent any unwanted thing. You can also bring some light bags which can easily fold into the luggage especially when you have extra touristy things at the end of the vacation. It is light and can be folded into small size which certainly comes in handy and you can bring it everywhere.

Medical kits – before traveling to Indochina, it is advised to have some vaccinations. You can consult your doctors six or eight weeks before leaving to make sure that complete the injections series. There are also some cases of malaria which you may need to bring anti-malaria medication and mosquito repellent. If you have a sensitive stomach, make sure to bring stomach ache medications as well. You can also bring prescription medicine with you if you think it is necessary especially if you are visiting the rural areas.

Tech appliances – for every gadget that you bring such as camera, laptop, iPad, tablets, smartphone, memory card, and the like; make sure to always bring extra batteries just in case you lose one. This is because you may have difficulties to find good quality batteries.

Safety tips – it is important to always safely keep your luggage and keep it away from the road because there are some reports of bag snatching. In Cambodia, Laos, and also some part of Vietnam; there are still some unexploded landmines and especially in more national parks and rural areas. Make sure to always keep your eye for the marks, but some of it is also left unmarked. Therefore, it is better to always consult with the local guide especially of you want to trek in not tourist trails.


Dressing tips – the general dress code is free for a day trip but if you visit beaches; it is important to note that there are no nudity. Also, if you visit pagodas; it is important to cover the shoulder and legs and sometimes also takes off the shoes. Make sure to also bring sunscreen for a day trip and warm clothes for night trip especially during winter.

You can adjust the things to bring as well according to your needs. However, it can be the basic tips if you aim for a wonderful Vietnam Cambodia Laos tour 10 days. This tour, you can visit 3 lovely countries in only 10 days.

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