Aussie Tricks: 7 Tips to Dodge the Loan Application Rejection

Sometimes, we cannot avoid having loans and applying for one when we need it. Not all the time is a financially good time; we need help from friends or even financial institutions. But there’s no way that we will know if our application will be approved or rejected. All we can do is wait for the assessment and call of the lending company.

Moreover, there is no sure way that our loans will be approved. We may wake up one day and receive the news of loan rejection because of this and that reasons. However, that should not be the case. You should get yourself educated on what to do with loan application. There are also tips to follow to avoid getting your loan rejected. Here there are:

Check and evaluate your own credit score

One of the requirements when getting loan is the credit score. Lending companies have set their own requirement when it comes to credit score. Check and assess your own and see if you can meet the required number. Credit score is a determining factor for bank and lending companies of they will allow you to take out a loan. when shopping around for lending companies, check their credit score requirement before applying.

Keep in mind that a good credit score is way to go compared to low score. If you’re having a poor credit score, make sure that you have paid all your pending debts. If you’re done paying all your debts, you can apply for loan after a month of finishing them.

Determine the income requirement

Remember that each lending company set different minimum income requirement. Moreover, the minimum income requirement differs for each type of business loan and cash loans. Inquire first about the lending company’s income threshold for your preferred loan. if your salary doesn’t meet the requirement, then don’t apply at all so not to affect your credit score because of rejection.

Have a reasonable purpose for the loan

Some of the lending institutions and banks are strict when it comes to the purpose of loan. You might want to check where you want to use it. Before applying, you should find out if your purpose of taking out a loan is permissible. If you’re planning to get a secured personal loan, there will be lots of restrictions. Getting your loan approved faster is better when you avail specialized loan like buying a car or home loan compared when taking out personal loan for similar purpose.

Find out the employment requirement

Always check the requirement of your target lending company and one of them is the employment record of the borrower. Some of them are requiring the borrower to be in a company for a minimum period of time before considering the loan application. They will tell the borrowers how many months of service they need for the application not to get rejected.

Double check your document and personal details

Always ensure that you have your entire document in place. Most of the time, lending company rejects loan application because of incomplete document. Some important document you should provide is payslip and personal tax income. These documents are essential because the lending company will use this to approve and process your loan.

Moreover, ensure that you have filled the application form with complete and true personal details. If you have inaccurate information, your application might be rejected.

Avoid having too many loans all at the same time

If the lending company found out that you’re having too many loans, it’s likely that they will reject your application. Don’t take out loans that you can’t afford to pay. One solution for this is to consolidate your borrowings and repay them in full before taking out a new loan.

Don’t send too many loan applications

Every time you send out your loan application, creditors list your credit file. If you have multiple loan applications just within a short period of time, it will raise suspicions for other lending companies. Also, it will have a great impact on your credit rating.

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